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Important VTAC Information for Year 12

VTAC (Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre) are the centralised applications service for all publicly funded Victorian Universities. All the information you’ll need to know about courses, universities, applying to a University in Victoria and more, can be found at: http://www.vtac.edu.au/



You can lodge your application to VTAC right now (applications opened on the 6th August 2018).


You should aim to complete your application to VTAC before the 27th September 2018. Bear in mind the earlier you get your application in, the earlier you’ll be considered for an offer. The fee for lodging an application by that date will be $36.00.

If for some reason you’re falling behind with your application, according to the VTAC website, you can still lodge by the 2nd November 2018 (the late processing fee then jumps up to $105). The absolute last date you can apply and still be considered for the first main round of offers is the 7th December 2018 (the processing fee then is $137).

However, when we spoke to VTAC to confirm these dates, they advised us that the latest you should get your application in to ensure you make it into the main round of offers is by the 31st October 2018. We would strongly advise you take heed of the October cut-off date to avoid disappointment, alternatively contact VTAC directly yourself.



Scholarship applications to VTAC close on 12th October 2018.

SEAS applications to VTA close on 12th October 2018.



You can choose up to EIGHT preferences to list on your application. Preferences are the courses you would like to apply for. Listing eight preferences maximises your chances of getting an offer.


When choosing your preferences, it’s a good idea to list the ones you really want first, the ones that are more realistic next, and a couple of safe options. That way you’ll ensure that you get at least one offer at the end of each round.



VCAA will post final Year 12 results and ATARs from 7am on the 14th December 2018.



Once you’ve received your ATAR, you may have done better than you expected, you might not have done as well as anticipated, or you may just have had a change of heart about which course to study or the University you would like to go to.


If that’s the case, you can still change you preferences after receiving your ATAR. You’ll have to make sure that you change your preferences between 10am and 4pm on the 4th January 2019, after that you won’t be able to alter your application before the first round of offers.



Once you’ve submitted your final preferences and the cut-off window has passed, you can expect to start receiving offer notifications from the 16th January 2019.


Looking for Careers help?

Ms Rackham and Ms Kruse are available to help you with your Careers questions. You can find them in the Careers Office in the CRC.