2019 Arts Captains 

This week our Arts Captains would like to introduce themselves to you. 


Drama Captains: Joe Healey, Emma Hocking


Hi everyone! We are  Joe Healey and Emma Hocking and we are the Drama Captains for 2019. This year we are very excited to support and promote the performing arts within the Koonung community. We have plans to elevate the annual talent quest by encouraging more students to get involved. As past Drama Captains have done, we will continue to support the extra-curricular performing arts endeavours such as the school play, ‘Something Wicked’ and the musical production of ‘Legally Blonde’. We are heavily involved in these shows and are keen to encourage everyone in the wider Koonung community to see all the creativity and hard work put in by the talented students, dedicated staff and wonderful parent helpers. We would also like to expand the use of room 2 as a space where students can come and watch drama performances and music items at lunchtimes. Be sure to look out for further information about performing arts events coming up throughout the year!

Emma Hocking and Joe Healey





Arts Captains: Erin Smillie, Marina Plithakis 


As Edward Hopper once said ‘If I could say it in words there would be no reason to paint’. As Art Captains for 2019 both Erin Smillie and myself want the students of Koonung Secondary College to be able to express themselves through their artworks. Art is an important part of not only my life, but most people’s whether it is music or drama.  This year I want more students to be a part of the Arts program, from joining ‘Art Space’ on Tuesday at lunch time or choosing Art as an elective. As someone who has grown up sketching and experimenting with paint, it has given me a way to express my emotions.

Marina Plithakis


"Every artist was first an amateur”- quoted by Ralph Waldo Emerson. As Co- Art Captain for Koonung in 2019, my goal is to make the Arts a bigger part of our school. Whether it's painting, sketching, music or drama, the Arts help people to express their emotions and describe experiences or feelings when you cannot find the words to describe it. Art has helped me so much to progress through secondary school and has been such an inspiration to me.  I can’t wait to see other people enjoy art as much as I do.   

 Erin Smillie


Music Captain: Jess Jana


Hi, I'm Jess and I'm the 2019 Music Captain for Koonung. I am keen to be working with the music department to hopefully expand and branch out to more students and encourage them to be more involved with events such as music concerts and mini-performances during SRC events. I also wish to see more members of the school choir and other students involved with the music program. High school is a good opportunity to find out what your strengths are and you may never know, you might be naturally talented at a specific instrument. Hope to see more of you throughout the year! 

Jess Jana 

Invitation to Zart Art Student Gallery


Helen Briffa 

Arts Domain Leader