Accounting Experts Come to Class

Suntax accountants come to the College to shed light on the accounting field

As part of the Accounting unit in Year 10 Business Accounting and the Law, we study the role of accounting and its importance to the running of a successful business. 

Recently a team from Suntax in Sunbury came to the College and provided students with a wonderful insight into the real world of Accounting. 


👔 Their presentation covered a range of topics including the pathways to becoming an accountant, a day in the life of an accountant and the range of opportunities available through a career in accounting. Breaking down the old fashion images and myths of accountants being tied to a desk and buried in books was a key message!  


Listening to such real life experience provided students with an invaluable learning opportunity and we would like to thank the team from Suntax for their time, effort and professionalism. 


The goodies provided in the show bags also certainly ended the session on a very positive note! Take a look at some of the highlights from the day 👇