principal's message

school events

Many families choose BNW for the sense of community we all share. This comes as a result of many different factors, just one of which being the numerous family evenings and events our school invites you all to! Over the past two weeks, we had two ‘firsts’: our first ever Commotion Bush Dance and our first Maths Curriculum night, describing our philosophy and approach to teaching numeracy and how you can support this learning at home.

'Commotion' was a tremendous event, with loads of smiles and laughter! As Jack’s communication explained, there were elements of this event that will be improved upon for next year, but as we had no previous experience to go from, I thought it was a real hit! Being overly successful and filling the hall is a wonderful problem to have that is easily solved.

I would like to take a moment to thank Andrew Lang and Jack Madin for all the work they did in the lead up to this event. I want to also thank CET and the numerous volunteers who helped set up and pack up. I especially want to thank the families who dashed home to get vacuum cleaners and were able to transform the atrium back to its original splendour! I remind all families that during these after-hours events unless it is otherwise stated, family members are responsible for their own children and their behaviour. We love to see teachers, OSHC educators and aides at our social events, but it is important to remember they are not on the clock!

Our Maths is Fun evening was also a huge success - significantly smaller turnout and a quieter event, but attendees gave glowing feedback and can’t wait for the next information evening! Alice and Jessie presented our new whole-school approach to the parents and caregivers in attendance, explaining the approach and the evidence behind why this is an important move for our school and our students. Parents and carers were given an opportunity to play maths games and unpack the learning involved. Many families then took home maths packs, with resources and game instructions for students in either F-2 or 3-6.

I want to thank Alice and Jessie for running this evening, which garnered attention from the Department of Education, who provided us with some additional resources! I want to also thank the parents and carers who got involved in the night. And I want to also extend a big thank you to the student leaders who were able to come along and help facilitate the games portion of the night - you were very impressive and extremely helpful!

We intend to have many more information evenings next term, covering academic and social-emotional learning as well as preparation for camp and more! Make sure you keep an eye out in the newsletter for dates and registration links.

tax time reminder

Time is running out to make a contribution to the building fund for our school this financial year! Donations to the building fund are used to make improvements to our incredible school grounds, to foster an environment that is warm and welcoming as well as inspiring and engaging. Your donation will help support a number of the projects we are currently working on, such as:

Upgrading the lighting within classrooms to be brighter and more environmentally sustainable

Painting our classrooms and corridors

Making improvements to our woodlands and yard that support children’s play whilst protecting our trees

Adding soundproofing between the Art Studio and Music Room

Reinstating the new Gaga Pit

Upgrading Sprout and the outdoor space

Contributions to the building fund can be made by EFT, credit card and cash. EFT details:

Brunswick North West Primary School

BSB- 063-150

Account no: 10047335

Please put the family name and reason for payment in the payment reference box. eg. “Building Fund - Reid”. 

The minimum deductible amount is $2.00 and a tax deductible receipt will be issued to contributors.

parking near school

We understand that parking is at a premium during school drop-off and pick-up hours and school council are working with Moreland City Council to remedy the various issues we face. In the meantime, I ask that all families and community members follow Victorian road and parking regulations; currently, the school is receiving complaints of cars being parked across driveways and laneways, blocking residents in for significant periods of time. We appreciate your cooperation during this time.

safe holidays

I hope you all have a safe, relaxing and enjoyable holiday break! With class parties happening across many classrooms, we have been celebrating a term of hard work, learning, and great improvements! I hope you and your families all get the opportunity to celebrate your own wins over the past three months, reflect on how you have grown and get the time to create new goals for the next term.

I thank you for all your support this semester and look forward to a spectacular second semester!