Middle School

News and updates

It was with heavy but understanding hearts that the Middle School team accepted the decision to cancel Year 9 Phillip Island camp last Sunday night. Like all of you at home, we were on the edge of our seats in the days leading up to this announcement, and whilst we share a mutual disappointment in sacrificing this experience, we are also united in our view that the safety of our students and the broader community is of far greater importance. We thank you deeply for your ongoing patience, your notable flexibility and your kind words of support over the past weeks. 


You will have observed the temporary changes to the school timetable that were adopted on Wednesday the 18th of March, which sees certain year levels arrive late, and certain year levels leave early. Students should continue working from home during school hours to minimise any disruption to their learning, using Compass to find information about their lessons. The idea of going about “business as usual” may be clichéd, but it is nonetheless pertinent to the education of our young people and the general wellbeing of us all.


Our Community

In times like these – “interesting”, “unprecedented”, “trying”, and any other adjectives currently in tow – our community and the values it upholds are more important than ever. We are working hard to foster positivity, compassion and a sense of focus throughout the College as our students and staff encounter new and unusual information each day. As staff look to their leaders for guidance and composure, so too should students be seeking support from friends, family and teachers wherever necessary. We implore that high levels of open-mindedness and empathy be shared by all, and that we work together to process, manage and overcome our current challenges. 


On that note, may we take a moment to commend our Middle School cohort for their ability to adapt to change and prioritise their learning. Year 9s, your mature response to the fate of your camp has been admirable, and the number of you that have taken the time to “check in” with staff highlights an earnest connection to school. Year 10s, your selfless discussions in BOUNCE about how to help those in need reflect your rationality and pragmatism in these “interesting times”.


Looking Ahead

Year 10s are reminded that their Work Experience forms are due in by the 15th of May. We trust you are busy contacting prospective employers to arrange exciting and inspiring placements. The Careers Office is open during school hours to answer any questions that students or families may have.


At this point in time, plans for the Central Australia Tour have been put on hold. Again, we very much appreciate your patience and understanding with this, as decisions regarding this camp and all events are centred around the health of the community.


To all, please ensure you take care of yourselves as you strive to care for those around you.


Marissa Lee

Middle School House Coordinator