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Thanks to the great attitude displayed by the Unit 1 Geography students who braved 4 inches of rain over two days in the Central Highlands to collect data for their bushfires SAC.


Hardly expected conditions following the fire season over the new year though the students handled things well and with good humour.


The Unit 1 Geography Class on Mt St Leonards observation tower.




Nathan O'Malley


From Wellbeing

An 8 week Program that focuses on a different Emotion

and connected Theme each

week. This program supports children to increase their ability to understand and manage


From the Chaplain

Quote by Robert. G Ingersoll. 


"We rise be lifting others"

With all of the media and conversations and opinions I will like to leave you with this thought.. Who can we lift up in a time of need. 

Lets go against the trend and lets make someones day, pay for someones shopping share some food or get someones groceries, lets rise together!!


Adam Bryant