Social and Fundraising Team

Hello there St Brigid’s Families


We hope you have all had a great start to the year!


Just a few things from the Social & Fundraising Team (or as we like to call ourselves… the So.Fun.Team 😊)


First, a big thank you to the families that were able to make it down to our first event for 2023… the St Brigid’s Families Welcome Picnic in the Park.  It was such a great morning with families from all year levels coming along to support.  Both the children and adults had an awesome morning together with lots of fun, laughs and good conversation.


We look forward to holding more whole school events throughout the year to continue to bring us together as a full school community across all year levels.


A massive thank you to the families who were able to volunteer to be a Family/Parent Rep in your child/children's class for 2023. We know that volunteering energy and time, in an already busy schedule is a big commitment for yourselves and your families, so we truly are very appreciative.


We are continuing to look for a couple more volunteers for the following year levels 3/4D & 3/4H who don’t yet have a rep for their class.


If you are interested in learning more about the NEW Family/Parent Rep roles, feel free to join us at the Wine Bar in Mordialloc on Thursday the 2nd of March at 7.30pm for our first meeting. You don’t have to commit, just a good opportunity to socialise and find out more about how the roles have changed for 2023.


Thank you to the families that have taken a moment to jump into the Fundraising Survey app to select one or two events/fundraisers to volunteer for, for 2023 (Gents… we are definitely looking for some volunteers for the Mothers/Special Person Day Events!) We hope that this format will help with:

  1. Our Family/Parent Reps not having to put the call out for volunteers throughout the year, which has proven to be quite hectic and stressful.
  2. To help support families to plan ahead for the year in supporting the school.
  3. To encourage year levels to cross over throughout our fundraising events, to connect us all as a whole school.

To spread the load… more hands mean more fun and a lighter load for all involved.


A few fundraisers that we have coming up for Term 1:


Mordialloc Bakers Delight Hot Cross Bun Drive:

Families are now able to start ordering Hot Cross Buns via CDF Pay to support St Brigid’s Primary. Orders close at 12pm on the 24th of March… so get in early if you can.  There are a great variety of buns to choose from such as traditional, choc chip and more.  Every pack of buns sold earns $2.00 back to our school as fundraising dollars.


The St Brigid’s Easter Hamper Raffle:

Families are asked to support this fundraiser by donating to the Easter Eggs, wrapping, baskets etc. This could be a bag of chocolate eggs, bunnies, easter gift bags/baskets, children’s easter books/colouring books, etc. Get creative and feel free to donate things that mean something to your family over Easter.  We would love to share in and celebrate how our diverse range of families celebrate. 


These donations can be left at the front office from Monday the 13th of March.  Please no earlier as we won’t be able to see Tracey amongst all the donations 😊 


Raffle tickets will be sent home with each child by Friday the 17th of March. Tickets are $1.00 each.  Families you retain one stub and return the other stub to the office.  Don't forget to write your child's class and name on the stub you are returning to school.


Thank you to the following families who have volunteered their time to wrap the hampers for us:


Abraham Garcia, Erin Mc Geoch, Leah Percy and Emma Castaldo 


That’s all from us… Take care.


The So.Fun.Team (Krista, Kate, Alex, Georgia)


Fundraising Calendar

St Brigid's Family Picnic

Hot Cross Bun Fundraiser



Order can be placed via CDFpay and need to be made by 12 noon on Friday 24th of March.  Hot Cross Buns will be sent home to families on Thursday 30th of March.


We look forward to your support of our Hot Cross Bun drive!

Volunteer Form for 2023 Social & Fundraising Events is now live!


We are so excited about the events coming up this year and would love your support!!


Below is the link to the form - we'd love for you to add your name to an activity you would most enjoy helping out with. We would also like to extend the invitation to Grandparents, Aunt's, Uncle's or a friend that also may be able to lend a hand on the day.  Click here for the link to volunteer.


Thanks heaps

Fundraising & Social Team