Family Engagement

Community and Family Engagement

Families accessing the farm, please ensure to lock the gate behind you if you are the last to leave.  This will ensure that equipment and bikes remain secure. Thank you 

Active Paths Program:

‚ÄúA fun way to walk, scoot or ride to school while learning how to be a safe near roads‚ÄĚ

Our new Active Paths are safer routes to school where you can choose to walk from the start markers, or park in one of the streets along the way and walk a shorter distance to school.


When more families choose to park away from school, our school gate entrances are safer for everyone. Less vehicles around the school means less air pollution and congestion.


Our Active Path walks only take 10 minutes at most and it’s fun to start the day walking with friends. At every road crossing, there’s Stop, Look Listen & Think stickers to remind everyone to stop, look both ways, listen for cars and think about your safety before crossing.