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K-2 Games Night

The K-2 Games Night will be held in the school hall on Friday, 8th November 2019 from 6:00 to 7:30pm. The cost is $5 per student or $10 per family. Included in the entry price will be a sausage sizzle and a drink for the students. We hope to see you there!


Mathematics Overview of Learning Week 3-4

Please find attached further resources to support the learning occurring in the Mathematics learning spaces across K-6.


Strategies for Self-Monitoring  

Strategies to help me understand what I read ...

This requires you to be aware of your own thinking while you read. It requires you to recognise when you have stopped understanding what you are reading. How often have you lay in bed at night and read a whole page in a book and then realised that you have no idea what you have just read? You have read the words on the page but have taken away no meaning. 


Good readers know when this has happened and a voice in their head says, ​“Uh-oh! I don’t get this! Problem! Warning bells! Flashing lights! Time to stop!”


Please find attached further reading to help support your child in using this comprehension strategy when reading.