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School Advisory Council Nominations

The School Advisory Council is seeking nominations from parents interested in assisting the school as a Council Member for 2020.


This year two (2) positions are available to fill. There are six elected positions in total. A term of office for elected members shall be for a period of two years.


Nomination forms are available as a Google Form which can be completed online via the below link,  the Skoolbag App, or alternatively, complete the nomination form below and return to the school office.


Nominations will close on Friday, 22 November, therefore forms must be submitted/returned to school office before then. Voting will take place at the AGM on Tuesday, 26 November, at 6pm.


The School Advisory Council AGM will be held on Tuesday, 26 November, 2019 commencing at 6pm in the school staffroom. This meeting is the only School Council meeting which non elected members are able to attend. We would be very pleased to see members of our parent community at this meeting.


The School Advisory Council is an advisory body which supports the Principal and Parish Priest. This group is not a decision making body. It is responsible for offering advice/support on school operational policies, finance, building and maintenance, staffing and curriculum and to keep in touch with the school community. Some sub committees are formed to assist these functions. Members are required to attend a handful of meetings each year. A high level of integrity and confidentiality is required.


The current members are:

Ex Officio Members:

Parish Priest: Fr Abmar Dumayag

Principal: Mrs Karen Jagers

Finance Officer: Mrs Maree Lovett


Nominated Members:

Teaching Staff: Belinda Bremner (Primary)

Richard Clark (Secondary)


Elected Members: 

Chairperson: Glenn Bourke

Secretary: Sarah Osborn

Hamish Quilty, Anna Humphreys, Scott Antees





2020 School Fees

At the October meeting of the School Advisory Council, fees for the 2020 year were considered.


In recognition of the particularly difficult circumstances many of our families find themselves dealing with at the moment with the current drought, the School, and School Advisory Council have decided not to increase school fees in 2020.


A copy of the 2020 fee schedule, along with information regarding payment options, is provided below for your information.


Mary Mackillop Awards

The Mary MacKillop Award is designed to reflect the Christian values of our school and of Mary MacKillop and is awarded to someone from each class in the K-6 department who has helped others. 


Week 2 recipients of the Mary MacKillop Award :

Lily Haddad, Annie Keen, Rhylan Madden, Charlie Officer, Sean Campbell, Kimberly Williams, Matilda Kilner, Hazel Picone, Hunter Crouch, Sylvia Osborn, Kirby Conroy, Amelia Hiscox


Questacon Science Circus

Last Wednesday all students attended the Questacon Science Circus here at school.

Questacon is The National Science and Technology Centre in Canberra. The students were able to watch and particpate in various science experiments and investigations. Students and Staff would like to thank our P&F committee for generously covering the cost of these shows.