Principal's Message

What can you create using only seven (7) pieces of paper, and nothing else, that can hold substantial weight? 


This is what the Year 9/10 elective STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) class was investigating yesterday when I visited their learning space. 


The learning intention was: to investigate construction to specific requirements.

The success criteria was: to be able to create a structure which can hold increasing amounts of weight.  


Working in pairs or small groups, a range of designs was investigated. It was extraordinary seeing what was possible with design and the amount of weight that a structure made only from seven pieces of paper is capable of supporting!



Planning for 2020 

Our 2020 planning needs information from our parent community.  OTHER THAN students in Year 6 and Year 10, if you know that your child/children will not be returning to St Philomena’s in 2020, please complete the form below. We appreciate your early notification.


At this time of drought which is affecting so many in our community, the school and The Catholic Schools Office are aware that some families may be suffering hardship. Families whose income has been affected by the current drought are asked to contact the Principal to discuss any assistance that the school may be able to offer.