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Read More In May Challenge

Scholastic has designated the month of May each year as family reading month. The challenge is to read for 10 minutes each day. Entries open on the 1st May and close on 10th June. Students can win also enter a prize draw. More details, including a message from this year’s ambassadors, can be found at


Premier’s Reading Challenge (VPRC)

Our Year 7 and 8 students are busy with the VPRC. To help them with the task, the Senior Library has purchased some new titles.

 The Seven Signs Series now has books 6 and 7. These can be found in Science Fiction.




This series would be of interest to readers concerned about cyber terrorism.

Another fascinating title is


This imaginative look at a world that, due to a lack of live animals, has created mechanical ones. It is a sequel to Mechanica, which is also on the VPRC list.


For those who prefer Australian history, we now have three titles by Michael Sedunary. All look at Australia’s early days.




Accelerated Reader News, Year 6

Congratulations to the following Year 6 students who have earned certificates for achieving their Accelerated Reader goals this month.



Max Demunck 6S

Alex Schlipalius 6S



Laura Hooi 6S

Melissa Yao 6L



Adel Kalnoki 6S

Jacky Qiu 6S

Ashley Chen 6L

Noah Crotty 6L

Aidan Hu 6L


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