Junior School

Year 4 Art Excursion

On Thursday 19th April, Year 4 went to McClelland Sculpture Park and Gallery.


Sally Darlison

Art Teacher

Cape Woolamai Walk


St Andrews students and parents enjoyed a interesting walk at Cape Woolamai on Saturday 28th April. It was a lovely walk along the Bass Coast and we were blessed with a beautiful day. Well done to all the students who persevered and completed the kilometres with such positive feedback.


One our students Sam Bird worked this out for us according to his fitbit. We walked 17,360 steps. We burnt 1,274 calories and we were actively walking for 164 minutes.


Well done to you all!


Gail van Heerden 

Year 4 Teacher

Year 4 Crosswords

Year 4 are making their own crossword using spelling words for the week.


Year 4 Science

Year 4 are learning about Food Chains this term and discovering the importance of dependency of food webs.


Paige Cheung and Gail van Heerden ​

Year 4 Teachers