Arts Department Update


Year 8 Year 8 students have been finishing up their Portrait CATs and displaying their skills in shading, blending, proportion and observational drawing techniques. 

Artwork by: Sienna Julin, Mia Tagg and Keller Holmes.


Year 9

Year 9 Painting and Drawing Students have just finished their mixed media pieces inspired by the whimsical playful work by Western Australian artist, Laura Blythman. Currently, students are building skills in value identification and shading while studying Baroque art and Dutch Golden Age vanitas paintings.

Artwork by: Charlotte Wong, Rylee Clegg, Lana Ridgeway, Imogen Harrison, Liam Eastick and Condoleeza Gatpan.





Year 11

Year 11 student, Jessica Burns, attended the Music Soiree not only to play piano, but to display her Studio Arts Folio and discuss her experience in the Studio Arts VCE program. Year 11 students are currently developing their subject matter and theme through exploring a variety of art forms, techniques and mediums. A selection of chosen artwork from Years 8-11 was on exhibit for the Music Soiree.

Art Club

Art Club members have been busy at work creating group projects they have designed in Papier Mache.


Art Club

After some calendar related adjustments, ART CLUB is now running on Tuesdays at lunch in room B20. This is an opportunity for Art students to finish outstanding work they may have for their Art subjects or for any student of Lowanna to simply explore some artistic activity in a safe supervised environment. Numbers are limited.


March 22 saw the first Soirée for the year with performances from Year 7 beginner students right through to Year 12 students. The Soirées are held on a term-by-term basis and allow students from across all year levels to perform for each other and together. The nights follow a casual low key concert format where students perform pieces they have been working on during the term. The highlight of Term 1 Soirée is the beginner students who have had 3 or 4 lessons before they make their public debut at the Soirée. In the past we’ve had great success with the Soirées as they serve to motivate the younger students because they see their peers performing.


The next Soirée is scheduled for approx Week 6 of Term 2; keep an eye out for more details and we look forward to seeing you there.