Indonesian Study Tour

Yogyakarta, Ubud… what an adventure

By Airlie O’Brien

Over the school holidays, 28 students and four teachers visited Yogyakarta and Ubud in Indonesia. For many tour participants, this was the first stamp in their passport.


In Yogyakarta, students stayed with host families and experienced school life. They also visited the Hindu temple Prambanan and Buddhist temple Borobudur – both are recognised by UNISCO as wonders of the world. At both of the temples the students got to feel what it was like to be a celebrity with many locals wanting to have photos taken with them. They also dined on local cuisine that ranged from nasi goreng (fried rice) to chickens’ feet! Although the students only stayed with their hosts for five nights, they were welcomed into their homes and families. Many are planning return trips to see their Indonesian families again. Saying goodbye on the last day in Java was tough and filled with tears from both the students and the hosts.


In Ubud, students experienced another way of life. The majority of the Balinese people are Hindu so have different beliefs and traditions and students had the opportunity to immerse themselves in these as they made their way around the streets of Ubud. The group visited the Art Market, went on a cycling tour of nearby villages and learnt traditional Balinese dancing and martial arts. The adventure culminated with a day at Waterbom park before the group flew home.


Overall the trip was a great way to learn about Indonesian culture and gave students a chance to practice their language skills. We are very grateful to our teachers for organising this tour and to our parents for supporting us in participating in this life-changing adventure.