Year 9 ‘Try a Careers’ Expo

COMING UP - Year 9 ‘Try a Careers’ Expo

Monday 27th May,  9 – 11am


Over 150 Year 9 students will be loaded onto buses this month and taken out to SWTAFE's Sherwood Park campus to attend the ‘Try a Career’ Expo hosted by  SWTAFE.


One of the biggest challenges for a young person is how and where to commence the career journey. The ‘Try a Career’ Expo is purely about giving young people the chance to try ‘hands on activities’ and talk to people about what is involved in a range of different careers. This is also the first introduction to Year 9s about the VETis (Vocational Education and Training in Schools) program.


Over a ninety-minute period, students will experience three different ‘hands on activities’ from preferences they will make over the coming weeks leading up to the excursion. Industries and careers represented on the day will likely be: 


•             Building

•             Community Services

•             Electrical

•             Engineering

•             Furniture and Cabinet Making

•             Hairdressing

•             Health

•             Hospitality

•             Make-up

•             Media

•             Plumbing

•             Early Childhood

•             Arts

•             Agriculture / Conservation & Land

•             Sport and Recreation

•             Business Administration


This is a FREE excursion for all year 9 students and permissions are now required on COMPASS, open until 22nd May. Students who do not attend or submit parent consent by the due date will remain at school and attend class.