Class News 


This week, one of our Prep students, Oliver R, had the fabulous idea that the Preppies should get a class fish! We discussed it in a class meeting and decided it was a terrific idea, to teach us all about responsibility and care! 



We had one important job to do however, we had to convince Mr Flanagan! We set to work on amazing art creations and showed off our developing writing skills to convince Mr Flanagan that the Preps were dedicated and deserved a class fish! 


Mr Flanagan was blown away by our hard work and said YES to the class fish! 


Introducing Tina Sparkles, the Prep’s fish! 



Prep also celebrated Scarlett B and Oliver R becoming our 2021 Semester 1 S.R.C representatives this week in our Opening School Paraliturgy. It was a very exciting moment for Scarlett and Oliver and we congratulate them on their new role. 


Holly Capomolla and Aoife Tierney

Prep C and Prep T Teachers