This year one of our goal within the SAKG program is to increase our level of involvement with the community. We aim to achieve this through a number of different ways. Firstly with the returning of volunteers to our kitchen and garden classes following the easing of restrictions we have been running volunteer sessions on both Monday and Wednesday of this week.  During these, we have provided an overview of the program and expectations, a tour of the teaching spaces, and an outline of all the safety considerations.  Hopefully these session have been valuable in providing our volunteers with more confidence and better preparing them for how they can best assist within the kitchen and garden settings.  If you haven’t been able to make one of these sessions but still wish to volunteer, please contact Mrs O’Brien (Monday – Wednesday).


Along the lines of volunteers, we have made a connection with the Baha’I community who gather at the school every Saturday.  This group have members of which come into the garden and carry out a range of tasks, such as weeding, pruning, sweeping, preparing garden beds, which is of great assistance in helping with the garden’s upkeep.  As you can see from the photo below some of the children from the Baha’I classes joined the regular volunteers this week and completed a big garden clean up. The SAKG team greatly appreciate this!


Next term we are also hoping to set up a community share trolley. This will be located outside the garden gate (south side of the school) and will contain a range of garden produce, seeds and seedlings, books and magazines of which all members of the community will be able to draw from. During garden and kitchen classes, students will be able to prepare products for this trolley and play an active part in keeping it well stocked. By doing so we hope to be able to utilise all our excess produce.


And as we are nearing towards the end of term we are calling for anyone who would like to care for our the chickens (this involves feeding and topping up their water every 2-3 days, with the bonus of claiming any eggs which may be laid) and some holiday destinations for our guinea pigs.  If you are keen and able to help out with either, could you please contact either Mrs Ruddick or Mrs O’Brien. Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Mrs O’Brien, Mrs Ruddick & Lyn