Art News

Our Art room has seen somewhat of an explosion of colour over the past few weeks!

Our newest members of the DPS family, the Preps, are continuing to develop their fine motor skills, whilst exploring the world of colour! We are really proud of the Preps and the rainbow roosters they have been working so hard on!


Students from Grades 1 to 6 have been studying the artworks of famous artist, Pablo Picasso.


Through their exploration of Picasso’s unique style of portraits, students have learnt how to draw both a side profile and a full frontal face, and then how to combine them into the one image.  All students had the focus of using warm and cool colours to differentiate their two faces with senior students also experimenting with blending oil pastels, to create unique colours.


It has been an incredibly rewarding learning focus for both the students and for us, their very proud Art teachers! We have seen students respond with genuine joy, awe, and pride upon seeing each other’s artwork. In such a fast-paced world, it has been so refreshing, to see our students stop, enjoy and appreciate each other and themselves.

Mrs S and Kyra.