From The Principal's Desk

Dear Parents and Carers, 


You may have noticed a change in the newsletter as we have moved to a more modern software program.


We are into Week 8 of a ten week term.  Last week we held our Athletics day for Grades 3-6 and  it was terrific to see so many parents attend the House Sports day and support their children. Mr Storey managed to organise an efficient day with it all running to schedule and a beautiful day to go with it.  The end result was a win to Cook house (Blue House), followed by Yellow, Green and then Red. Thank you to all those extra supportive parents who assisted on events or in the Parents and Friends food area. 


It has been a domination from Blue House in 2021 as they also won the Cross Country a week before the House Athletics.



On Wednesday 21st April we planned to hold our Parent Teacher Interviews from 2.00pm—6.00pm.  School will finish early on this day at 1.30pm  and bookings are now open.

As we are approaching the last week of school for Term 1.  Teachers have created an individual leaning plan (ILP) on your child that will be accessible to you on Compass by the 1st April.  The ILP will highlight the goals your child is working on in class and how they are progressing.  You will receive three of these reports throughout the year.  If you do not have your Compass password to view this report please contact the office. 

You will also receive your portfolio on the same day (last day of the term).  The portfolio is designed to not only showcase your child’s work, but also to assess and report on your child’s learning. 

Tasks and activities included in the portfolio are specifically chosen by the teachers to cover literacy and numeracy learning and will be assessed using the Victorian Curriculum where applicable. 

Each term your child will reflect on their own learning as well as the values on which our school community is built. 



School Council approved two school camps for 2021, Grade 4 and Grade 3.  We are still finalising prices for the Grade 5 Camp and will have that sorted early next term.

The dates of the Camps are as follows : 

· Grade 4 Camp Monday 17th –19th May (Cave Hill Creek)

· Grade 3 Camp 29th and 30th November (Log Cabin Lodge)

· Grade 5 Camp 27th –29th October (Grampians)



Next Thursday 40 students will represent the school in BSSA Athletics at Llanberris.  We wish our students all the best and congratulate them on getting this far.



Nicole Lazzo in the front office has decided to have a change from education and finished up at Delacombe two weeks ago. Lauren Salter has stepped into the role for this term.  She has come across from Buninyong PS where she has had experience in office training.  I would like to acknowledge all the work Nicole has done for the school in the office and wish her all the best in her new position. 


 Next term we see the return of Marnie Cooper from Alfredton PS where she has been the Acting Principal. I would like to acknowledge the work of Stephanie Lindsay who has been Acting in the role of Assistant Principal and Teaching and Learning Leader.  She has also  been supported by Rebekah Mangos on Thursdays.

At the end of this term Lee Judd will be taking leave until the end of the year and has been replaced by Tamara Maguire who has been employed in the Education Support position.


Have a great week - 

Scott and Stephanie