Years 3/4

Here is what we have been up to this week! Written by the Year 3/4 students! 😊

Last Friday it PJ day. Sam and I were matching twins and we did work. We did the times tables with speedy maths. I love speedy tests. We did a Cold Write narrative on the strange egg. Mine is really good. It’s super epic. I like narrative writing. By Jaxson Cross. 


At school we have been doing narrative writing. We had a PJ day last Friday. We got a day off on Monday. We did a cold write. We are having an Easter raffle. By Nate Weilbaecher.


Today we learnt about syllables. Syllables are a words that you can break up and here is a good word that you can break up it is el/e/phant and also Fri/day. By Pippa Quinn.


At school this two weeks we did a cold write, narratives, we got a day off, spelling and my favourite is narrative writing. By Cooper Leese.


On Friday the 11 which was PJ day we did our speedy maths test and spelling test. On Wednesday the 3/4's did a cold write. Yesterday we did number patterns and I did the Fibonacci code that was the hardest one. By Thomas Hurley.


On Friday the 11 we had PJ day and we had spelling test and speedy maths test. On Wednesday 3/4 did a cold write .Yesterday we did number patterns . On Tuesday we did art with Mrs Bell. It was water colours. By Sam Packman.


On Wednesday we did a cold write and it was really fun and we did sports in sports. We did hurdles and long jump. On Monday we had a day off.  On Tuesday we did art with Mrs Bell and we did some water colour. By Emma Thomas.


Last week we had a fun pyjama day I am telling the absolute truth I felt so much more tired that day than normal. We also did a cold write. By Mietta Price. 


On the 11 of March was PJ day and everyone wore their pjs to school. The 3/4 class did a cold write and syllables. By Indi Keymer-Newley.


We are read Just Doomed and we are practicing for athletics sports. We are writing narratives. Yesterday we did a great cold write. We had a pyjama day and it was great but it was hot. We had a day off. By Gwyneth Nettleton


Last week it was PJ day. Almost all the kids in the school were in their Oodies. There were twins and there were triplets. Some Oodies were so cute. By Ava Huf.