Ideas for the Winter Holidays

The school holidays are upon us. The eLearning team would firstly like to encourage students to stay physically active over the break. Being winter time, the weather doesn’t always allow for much time playing outdoors. During those days, try to minimise the amount of screen time your child/ren is/are getting and make their screen time purposeful. 

Here are a few recommendations from students of different Apps that can continue to be used that are engaging and also support learning.

Reading Eggs 

It has been an engaging tool that students have been using to support their reading. The App/Site provides an interactive platform that students can explore which targets activities at their level. Login details have been provided for each student.


“Reading Eggs is about reading letters and words. You can get new things from eggs. You get eggs after you have finished a whole level. I like Reading Eggs because it is fun and you can go up to high levels and play games.” 
- Paul (D3)



It is an online library of books your child can access to read books at their level. After each book, a quiz can be completed to gauge their comprehension of the book that they have read. Wushka can be accessed on the internet at https://wushka.com.au/ 

"In Wushka you log in and scroll for books. Up the top of the books is a search and filter bar so you can find what you want faster. Wushka is a fun reading program. It can read to you or you can read. Personally I think Wushka is a fun reading program. Wushka is a good way for kids to learn to read. Parents can supervise and help read. I hope you will love Wushka as much as I do!" 
-Stevie (M4)


"Over the holidays you could use Keynote to do many cool things. For example you can make digital books, presentations about your favourite things and create animations. Keynote is a school and home learning App. You can collect data, write heaps of things, make recordings and add cool transitions to your slides. We really enjoy using Keynote because it's a really fun way to learn."            - Lily (B4)


“Epic is an online reading App where there is pretty much every book plus more!
Every time you finish a book, you get points to level up and design a whacky character for your profile.
Students in year ⅚ read on Epic everyday if they want to. They find it really enjoyable as they can read their favourite book as they come to school.” 
- Rylan (S1)