MITS Pathways


We have continued to have 20 enthusiastic Alumni attending school regularly at the Michael Long Learning and Leadership Centre (MLLLC) Darwin Hub. All students in Melbourne returned to face-to-face learning on October 26th (which is wonderful!) so there have been some changes to the students’ programs from Partner Schools, which everyone has handled well.  This term in Darwin we have also had a focus on life skills and sport and fitness:

  • Jordan and Ira visited from Headspace, an organisation that helps young people with their mental health
  • The students attended a fantastic interactive health session at the Menzies School of Health Research at Darwin Hospital. The 4 keys to health are  S.N.A.P – Smoking (none), Nutrition (no sugar, especially drinks), Alcohol (none) and Physical Exercise (lots!)
  • Swimming, fitness, gym training and the Hoops 4 Health Basketball program run by Timmy Duggan.

All of these activities have been greatly enjoyed.


Our Victorian Alumni have been supported with their schooling in Gippsland, whilst Melbourne schools were closed. Rei Haggie (Pathways Coordinator) has been driving down each week to help them with their work, and they have been doing a great job. 


Our Partner schools’ commitment to support alumni through remote learning has enabled students to stay connected to their teachers and peers.  It has also provided parents and carers greater insight into their child’s schooling.  


In Term 3 & 4, some of MITS Partner Schools also provided on-site learning support for 13 MITS alumni who returned to Melbourne - St Kevin’s College, Kingswood, Siena, MLC and Firbank. 


With only 4 weeks of school remaining this year we are super proud of the attendance and perseverance from the MITS Alumni!


Annie Carruthers