Executive Director's Welcome

What an extraordinary MITS journey! 


Just four months ago, as we prepared for the start of Term 3, MITS and our students were faced with the very difficult prospect of another period of remote learning.  Who could have imagined that we would witness our entire school move north to Darwin, and that our students would be able to attend school in person every day throughout Term 3 and now Term 4? 


This has been a demonstration of one of our important MITS values: courage.  The courage of our students and families to embrace more change in an already constantly changing year.  The courage of our staff to move far from home, often leaving family and loved ones behind.  The courage of our MITS supporters to share our vision for a bold move for the benefit of our students.


In particular, I reflect on the courage of our three Victorian students.  At incredibly short notice, they and their families made the decision that the students would move to Darwin so that they could continue their studies and reconnect with their classmates.  They did this knowing that they might be away for weeks, or perhaps months.  Each of the students has thrived in Darwin and we are so proud of them.  To reward their courage and commitment, they enjoyed a very special trip to Alice Springs, Uluru and Kings Canyon with our Head of Boarding Brad and his family during the Term 3 holidays.


The final school term of 2020 brings more challenges still.  But with the courage of our students, staff and community, we’re up for the challenge!


Edward Tudor