Classroom Clippings

Open Minded Portraits - Year One

The Year One students have been listening to and discussing the story of Jesus’ birth - The Nativity. As a way to reflect on the different characters in the story, the students chose one character to illustrate how that character may have been thinking and feeling at this time. 


Here is a sample of the students’ work:

Mary - I am so tired because I just gave birth to Jesus. I am happy because Jesus is warm. (Asher)

Cow - I wonder if these people need the stable for a long time? I feel squished in this stable. (James)

Joseph - I’m glad that we found a place to rest. I’m happy because I have a son called Jesus. (Alexandria)

Mary - How will I take care of this baby when Joseph’s at work? I am happy because I am having my first baby ever. (Ava V.)

Joseph - How did God choose me? I am excited because Mary is having a baby. 

(Zara R.)

Donkey - When are we going to get there? I am feeling thirsty. (Alexia)+