SFX Awards


ClassChild NameAward & Reason
Prep ASJemma HoseasonRespectful; for speaking politely to the teachers and students of St Francis Xavier School. Thank you Jemma.
Prep JSKavya DeriyaResponsible - for always following teacher instructions and for being kind and caring towards everyone in Prep JS. Well Done Kavya
1JVJim HarleyRespectful - listening more carefully to his peers and encouraging them when they are presenting their work. Well Done Jim!
1MHElla DoranRespectful - for using her manners when asking for help in the classroom - terrific effort Ella!
2JEMaya RobbinsMaking huge efforts to be resilient in class and on the yard! Well done, Maya!
2LAShaun TijanResilient- For starting school with a positive mindset and settling in really well at SFX. Well done, Shaun!
3THHarry HenshallResilient - for making an effort to improve in his learning, particularly in his writing
3LBLily DentonRespectful - for always being a respectful and caring student throughout the Year. Congratulations Lily!!
4CRCampbell RooksResponsible - For working hard to improve his work ethic and taking greater responsibility for his learning. Keep it up Campbell!
4EPTahnee DittyResponsible - For always working hard and taking responsibility for her learning. Well done, Tahnee.  
5ABCristian ScioreResilient- For always having a positive attitude towards his learning and never giving up on tasks when they are challenging. Keep up the great work Cristian!
5FGEsther Howden

Respect: for demonstrating welcoming and encouraging behaviour to her Prep Buddy for 2020 and making her feel part of our school community.


6CNNick CanavanResponsible - for his positive attitude to his learning, reflected recently in the amount of effort he put into his Inquiry project. Well done Nick!
6SKMolly SaundersResponsible - for the awesome effort and amount of detail she put into her Inquiry project. Fantastic Molly, well done!



ClassChild NameAward & Reason
Prep ASCamden RossResponsible; for returning his reading pouch and Library books each week as expected. Thankyou Camden.
Prep JSAaron WheelerRespectful: for consistently listening to and following teacher instructions. Well done Aaron on a great year of listening and learning!
1JVOliver PerkinsResponsible- making good choices to help improve his listening and focus. Super Effort Ollie! 
1JVAva Van Der BurgtResilient - learning to work on  solving problems herself and the art of compromise. Great Effort Ava!
1MHJack DeanResilient - for listening to ways to improve his writing and trying hard to add more description to his work. Great work Jack!
1MHKeegan DouglasResponsible - for waiting his turn and using his manners when needing assistance in the classroom. Well done Keegan!
2JEThomas NailerResponsible: for stepping up, being responsible and being a fantastic role model when Mr Egan and Mrs Jackson are absent
2LAHannah GatesResilient- For always pushing through any challenges that arise, showing resilience and strength. Well done Hannah!

Oliver Howes

Will Hanvin

Lachlan van Campfort

Resilience - for going the ‘extra mile’ in learning about the solar system and volunteering to give a class presentation. Keep up the passion for learning!
3LBJosh ConlinResponsible - for being a great classroom helper and offering to complete jobs within the classroom. Keep up the great work Josh
4CRMarco Dalla RivaResilience - For showing a great amount of bravery and determination when participating in the World’s Greatest Shave! A great achievement Marco.
4EPThomas NailerResponsible - For always working hard during learning time and remaining focused. Fantastic work, Thomas. 
5ABLuke GalganoRespectful- For demonstrating a respectful attitude towards his teachers and classmates. Keep it up Luke!
5FGMax ClearyResponsible: for the enormous effort he has put into writing tasks associated with our Inquiry unit and Election Campaign, well done Max.
6CNCameron EllisRespect - for always considering the needs of others and being willing to help out in any way he can. Well done, Cam! 
6SKSiena LaidlerResilient - for the positive attitude you show to all areas of school life and the effort you make to challenge yourself and encourage your peers. Thanks Siena!!