Advent Season

As we embrace the Advent season, it’s easy to get caught up in the chaos of the expectations we set. Not only is there pressure to “buy more,” but we often become consumed with the idea that we need to make Christmas the best season it can possibly be for our children… by taking them to every event, creating every Christmas-themed craft and baking all the goodies all day, every day. And while we do often have fun, sometimes the pressure to go and do makes for overtired, fussy children, and frustrated parents. And just like that, all our dreams for the perfect season come to an abrupt halt. In reflection of the Gospel reading Jesus multiplies the loaves and fishes: From a mere seven loaves and a handful of fish, he feeds an entire crowd and still has full baskets remaining. This passage reminds us that when we have faith and trust in Jesus, what we already have is more than enough – and more than that, when we share the good of our faith in peace with our family, we don’t run out of joy, but are instead filled with it and have more than enough left over to share with others.

Instead of rushing to do the next great thing over the next 21 days, let us take time to just be together as a family, talk about the joy of waiting for the birth of Jesus, and rest in his perfect love for us.