Yr 8 Medieval Day

On Monday 9 and 10 of September, Medieval Day commenced. Knights, kings, queens, peasants, and vikings all came together. On one abnormal day at Mordialloc College, we gathered and formed a circle, curiously waiting; a line of intriguing weapons and clothing laid before our eyes. In came a tall figure dressed in silver-chained armour, holding an overly large sword. Introducing himself, Lorenzo enthusiastically began explaining the uses of each individual weapon, calling up students to participate in wearing medieval clothes and trialling the weapons. 


Eager to begin the next activity we raced to the edge of the oval, where bow and arrows, and bins and targets were positioned. Excitement took hold as arrows flew high and low, near and far. Don't worry - precautions were taken, safety lines were present; all was safe. 



Time ‘flew’ by and the next activity was waiting. A recipe was introduced as we entered the kitchens; licking our lips, we hurried to our stations - not running of course! Remarkably, everybody had finished their meals, but we weren't allowed to eat them. Confused we carried plates on top of plates to a classroom, where tables upon tables of food were presented: soup, pastries, pasties and apple crumble. Delicious! Enjoying the dishes that each group made, we all happily munched away. 



To our surprise, after lunch, all groups combined and Lorenzo rocked up with a freestanding punching bag. Picking out a couple of students to begin the activity, Hamish welcomed them onto the stage. If learning about and holding the weapons wasn’t enough, maybe taking them for a spin would be. Smash. Bang.  Boom. After becoming fully trained in hitting a punching bag with a wooden weapon, it was time to up our game. We all spread out, as most of us tried to take on the master, attacking Lorenzo, running around and adjusting our grip. He held a shield and a huge sword, defending himself from our truly vicious hits. He managed to defeat all who challenged him in under 20 seconds, with his strategic movements and reflexes. We were allowed to hit him, swing at him, sledge hammer him as hard and as many times as we liked, but as soon as he tapped us with his sword, we were out. Sadly, the day had to come to an end. Packing up his stuff, we gave our appreciation and farewells to Lorenzo. 



Overall, I felt the day was very successful with much learning to be had, and I enjoyed the unique and original activities that engaged us all. Medieval Day was definitely an incursion to remember.  


By Madi Galland (8G)