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Dear Families, Students and Community Members,


BYOD program for all Year levels in 2020

In 2020 we will be replacing the Middle School iPad program with a BYOD (bring your own device program). This change has been made following a review of the iPad program and was based on a number of factors, including feedback from students, parents and teachers. The BYOD program requires all students to provide their own digital device, which, unlike the iPad program, gives students choice as to the type of device they can use. Students can choose to use Windows laptops, MacBooks, iPads or other tablets.



Today, the ability of schools to provide an educational environment that allows their students to become authors, critics and contributors is more critical than ever. It is now more than ever that students need a personal digital device. The benefits of the BYOD program at Mordialloc College include:

  • Flexible and immediate access to learning resources
  • Increased student ownership of learning
  • Prepare students for the professional and working world
  • Students use a device they are familiar with, increasing control and creativity
  • Smoother transition between school and home
  • Teach students to make the most of their smart devices and to use them responsibly

What do families of Year 7-9 students need to do to prepare for 2020?

There is no requirement for any student to purchase a new device, or to swap from an iPad to a laptop. Students that currently have an iPad as their school device can continue to use the iPad as long as they wish. Students in Years 7-9 that currently use an iPad but want to switch to a different device are permitted to do so during Term 4 this year. These students will need to bring their devices to the IT department to get them connected to the school network.


Device specifications

Minimum specifications

There are no minimum specification for processor speed or memory for student devices, however older and lower specification devices may not be able to perform all tasks optimally. Please see below for recommended specifications if buying a new device. At a minimum, all student devices need to:

  • Be capable of browsing the internet
  • Connect to Wireless 802.11 a/g/n
  • Support enterprise wireless
  • Have up to date antivirus software installed (currently iPads and Windows Surface tablets do not require antivirus software, but Android tablets do)


Minimum recommended specifications if purchasing a new device



Windows laptop:

  • i5 processor, or equivalent
  • 8GB RAM
  • 250GB hard drive



Apple MacBook

  • Core M3 processor, or equivalent
  • 8GB RAM
  • 250GB hard drive



iPads and other tablets:

  • iPad 32GB WiFi or equivalent. If you are unsure whether a specific model of tablet will be suitable, please contact the Director of eLearning.



NB: These are recommended specifications only. New devices with lower specifications may still be able to perform all of the basic functions required of a student device.


Options for purchasing a new device


Option 1:

Order through our BYOD purchasing portal with JB HiFi Solutions for Education

  • Go to enter the school code: Mordialloc2020 to log into the portal
  • Select your device, warranties, insurances and delivery options
  • It is highly recommended that Onsite Warranty Repair and Accidental Damage Protection, or Apple Care, are purchased with any device
  • Further details on purchasing options are included in the Mordialloc College BYOD information booklet that has been sent to all families on Compass News


Option 2:

Purchase a device from an alternative retailer

  • Families can purchase a digital device from their choice of retailer.
  • Please note: if this option is selected all repairs must be undertaken and paid for privately. It is strongly encouraged that warranty upgrades and insurance, including accidental damage protection, be purchased.





Justin Wischusen

Director of eLearning/STEM