Assistant Principal's Report

Presentation Day

Well done to the 150 plus students who received awards at this year’s College Presentation Day. The Awards reflected individual performances and achievements across a range of areas including academic, sporting, cultural and civic. The number of awards presented reflects the wide range of student talent within the school!


Our guest speaker Mrs Alison Ryan passed on some very wise words to the student body.  There are many different paths to success and achieving your life goals. Our life journey can take us down several different pathways. Disappointments and failures are all part of this journey.


Bishop Kennedy also reminded us that God expects us to use our many talents to provide a service to our community. If we have a talent then we should use this not just for our own sake but  for the betterment of our community.



In many ways it has been a long year. Personal tragedy added to this feeling. Yet at the same time I feel that we have again progressed as a school toward a post industrial model. By now we have all heard of the problems associated with the transition from an industrial based educational system to a model that best caters for our student needs. This ultimately needs to be reflected in our vision, in the way we teach and relate to students.


Next year we will provide some exciting challenges as we adopt new HSC courses and Assessment practices for the first time. Other Key Learning Areas (KLA's) are developing and introducing new courses that reflect more of a 21st skills, knowledge and content base. We will also continue to strengthen our Academic care and wellbeing program to ensure that learning conversations are at the core of our approach with students.


I would like to take this opportunity to wish all the O'Connor Community a happy and restful Christmas break.


Thank you for all your support.


Simon Fleming

Curriculum Coordinator/ A.P

Uniform Shop

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