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7 Habits of a Self- Confident Person

Self-confidence is all about believing in yourself, your self-worth, your power and abilities, regardless of the situation you find yourself in. Highly self-confident people focus on the needs of others and take attention away from themselves. They are usually people of service and the more they contribute to the world, the more they are rewarded with personal recognition and success.


The Habits:

1. Keep your word- to yourself and others

2. Choose positive self-talk

3. Focus on your strengths

4. Be Courageous

5. Act & feel important

6. Be grateful

7. Focus on contributing to others


 Tricks To Be More Confident For A JobInterview.

  1. Listen to upbeat music/ watch motivational 'You Tube' videos (TED): this helps to pump you up and put you in a mood to win. In an interview you need to sound enthusiastic and excited about the position.
  2. Smile!- smiles make people relax and look more attractive. Smile as you walk into the room and one will be returned. That's a good start!
  3. Body Language- Stand and walk proudly even if you are shaking inside. If you slouch, slump, shuffle, fidget, cross your arms, etc, you will project a negative image.
  4. Think Positively: This will help you to have faith in yourself, which will affect your body language.
  5. Practise your interview at home by speaking answers out aloud, using correct enunciation. Try to hear your voice, correct any nervous intonations, pitch problems etc. Do this in front of a mirror so you can see your facial gestures also.
  6. Look Good and Appropriate: It's hard to give a good impression when you are uncomfortable. If you look good and are appropriately dressed then you'll FEEL good. Be well dressed, have neat hair, be polished, clean and well groomed. This will boost your confidence in the opening minutes.
  7. Do one extroverted act before your interview: Smile at a stranger, chat with the receptionist, talk to the cafe manager etc. Small talk often starts an interview in order to relax you. Interviewers are really looking for someone who can fit the team dynamic. Employers want to create a motivated, friendly environment, so you want to come across as friendly and personable. Show your personality!
  8. Practise to have the best possible answer to the question: “Why do you want this job?" It's often the most important question of the interview and can make or break your chances and it often sets the tone for the remainder of the interview. Show you know about the company, its mission statement and how it ties with your career values and desires.

If the interviewer doesn't ask the specific question, answer it anyway, when you have a chance to ask questions or add anything extra. State why you were excited to be granted an interview and why you feel passionate about the work they do. This is your chance to impress!

Career's Festival


On behalf of Duval High School I would like to extend a warm invitation to you, your  Year 10, 11 and 12 students, their parents and teachers to attend our local Community Careers Festival.


Date and Venue

DATE:                        Wednesday 26th July 2017

TIME:                        4.30pm  -  7.30pm.

VENUE:                     Duval High School


The festival is scheduled to run from 4:30-7:30 in order to provide an opportunity for parents, carers and businesses to attend without disrupting their working day.



The Careers Festival is an engaging event aimed at providing our young people and the community with an opportunity to explore career options and identify future career pathways.


Duval High School will host over 70 representatives from various businesses/industries, training providers, government departments and educational providers to highlight some examples of what is currently available to our students beyond secondary school within our local community.


The Careers Festival will be an interactive event where students’ parents and the community can engage in activities and discuss career opportunities with local businesses in a fun and educational environment.


The Festival aims to provide students with sound career information and knowledge prior to subject selection. Students can use this experience to choose courses that reflect their career planning. The interactive Festival is specifically designed to stimulate student interest and provide an opportunity for us all to celebrate our careers, share knowledge and guide our youth towards a happy and successful life after high school.


Student Engagement

To ensure student engagement and traffic throughout the exhibit hall, a Passport Program has been initiated to encourage students to visit multiple exhibitors and gather as much information as they can so that they can make informed choices about their future.  Each Exhibitor/Stall holder will be issued with an individual stamp. A student must engage with a stall holder and gain relevant information before receiving a stamp that authenticates their interaction. Completed passports will go into a draw to win prizes such as a Samsung Galaxy Tablet, 32 inch TV, iTunes vouchers, movie tickets, gift cards……………..and more.


The more stalls students visit, the more stamps they collect, the more chances they have in WINNING !!!!


We will also be running a video completion on the evening. Students will be encouraged to interview exhibitors and create a one minute careers video documentary.


Food & Entertainment

Throughout the evening there will be live entertainment, Easy As coffee, complimentary sausage sizzle and refreshments, fairy floss, PRIZES and a SPECTACULAR FIREWORKS FINALE!


Information & RSVP

Please visit for more information and encourage your students, parents and teachers to register for catering purposes.


Please feel free to email the attached flyer to you school community and share the attached Facebook post to your school Facebook community. I will also be delivering printed invitations within the next week.


As an educational leader, you are very influential in young people’s career decisions. Could you please take the time to encourage your students, parents and carers to attend, and support our local community.


Please click on the YouTube link to view our 2012 / 2014 Video Clip.


Please don’t hesitate to call me if you have any questions.

Thank you for your support.



Warm regards,

Lana Hardman

Careers Adviser / TVET Coordinator / SBAT Coordinator / VET Coordinator / NESA Coordinator - Duval High School

Early Entry NSW Universities

The University of New England (UNE) has opened their Early Entry program early this year, from the 8th of February and closes on the 29th of September. UNE


La Trobe University Aspire

Opens on the 1st of June 


The University of Sydney

E12 Program

Opens around mid-July and closes around mid-August.  (they have not yet finalised their dates) (it will tell you that applications for the 2017 E 12 program have closed…. This relates to students going to University of Sydney this year)


Australian Catholic University

Early Achievers Program

Opened 26th April and closes 17th July


Macquarie University

Global Leadership Program and SRS (Early Entry Refer to UAC point) Open 8th May closes 28th August (students can apply any time within these dates, and will be notified of their result within 4-6 weeks after application)


Charles Sturt University

Principals Report Entry Program (information not available on CSU website at present time) (Early Entry Refer to UAC point) 


Southern Cross University

STAR Entry Scheme

Student Registrations Open 12th of July and closes 8th of September 


University of Western Sydney

Guaranteed Entry GE Program (This is not open yet; however, I have been advised this is open at the times of UAC application dates, between the 2nd of August and the 29th of September)


University of Western Sydney also have an Apply Direct option for most courses via their website and only if the UWS is the only university a student wish to apply for, which is accessed using the Student UAC Pin (sent to each individual student by mail before UAC entry opens on the 2nd of August)   



University of Wollongong

Early Admission

Opens August 1st and closes August 25th 



University of NSW Guaranteed Entry


This is not an early entry scheme, Guaranteed Entry allows the UNSW to tell students today what selection rank (ATAR + Bonus Points) will guarantee students a place in a particular degree at the UNSW. 



University Admissions Centre (UAC)

Many Universities in NSW have an Early Entry Program offered through the UAC school Recommendation Scheme (SRS) which opens on the 2nd of August and closes on the 29th of September.


Australian National University

Charles Sturt University 

Griffith University 

Macquarie University 

University of Canberra

University of New England 

University of Newcastle 

University of New South Wales

University of Sydney

University of Western Sydney 





Glenda Lemon

Librarian/ Careers Advisor