Assistant Principal's Report

Year 10 News

The next few weeks will involve students from Year 10 making some very important decisions about their future schooling at O’Connor. Students will be asked to make subject selections for Stage 6, beginning in 2018.

During week 8 this term all year 10 students should be involved in the work experience program.


Year 10 student/ teacher interviews will take place on Tuesday 27th June. This will provide good information as to the level of achievement students are currently presenting, which can be a guide to course selection in stage 6.


During weeks 9 and 10 of term 2, students will receive information from the Key Learning Areas about the subjects and courses offered. They will also be given Subject Information booklet.

At the start of week 9 students will be asked to fill in an intentions survey for 2018 as well as an application to seek enrolment into Years 11 and 12.


Students are urged to delay making  decisions about course preferences until they have heard from subject teachers, or they have spoken with the various KLA coordinators.


Students should also seek careers information by making a time to see Mrs Lemon.





Information Night

An information night will be held at school for students and parents on Monday 24th July commencing at 6 pm in AG4/5. The purpose of the evening is to ensure that parents are involved in the process and informed of the rules that apply to the Preliminary and HSC years.


The development and meaning of 'line structures' will be explained at the information session.

After the information session KLA coordinators and subject teachers will be available to provide further information on specific subjects and courses. This would be an excellent time for parents to discuss possible choices with the coordinator or teacher.

Year 12 Study

All students need to prepare as well as they can for exams. Often though we hear that when students get into an exam they just have a 'blank' and cannot recall information. This identifies a problem with study technique.


It is all about 'storage and retrieval'. The problem students have is retrieving information they have already stored. Two techniques have been proven to enhance our recall ability.


Firstly, self- testing or taking practice tests over material already learned. In other words Pre and Post testing of material. Students also should be marking their own tests during study. We learn best from mistakes, and identifying our errors improves our learning.


The second and best form of study is what we call 'distributive practice'. That is, implementing a schedule of practice that spreads out study activities over a set time. In other words, study a concept or theme or formulae a week after you have done it in class and then again a week or so later.


Year 12 students should be continually testing themselves on work from term 4 2016, and term 1 this year. This will help to sharpen recall rather than relying totally on studying at the time of an exam.


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Thank you

Simon Fleming