Early Years


“Going to the Volcano!”

This term, the Wombat's favorite book has been Going to the Volcano by Andy Stanton and Miguel Ordonez. They repeatedly request this story and are able to re-tell it together. They love hunting for Roger the Incredible Colour-changing Cat in each picture.


Roger has inspired the children to further their drawing abilities as they attempt to copy his image in their art.


We have seen great strides in their language, focus, and formation of shapes as they engage further with the book in this way.


The Wombats have also enjoyed creating colour-changing eruptions, mixing bicarbonate soda and dyed vinegar to make their own volcanoes.

Austin: “They’re fighting inside the jar and then they explode!”

Harvey: “It’s magma inside and then it’s lava outside, and then there are rocks”.


The Wombats were surprised to realise they had been to a volcano when we looked at pictures of our local Tower Hill. They talked about the times they had visited Tower Hill with their families, and the animals they had seen there.”


Sian Duggan

Wombats Group Teacher


The Bee kinder group has been exploring their kinder environment and the wider world through playing, noticing, asking questions, and experimenting. Children have been incorporating literacy into their experiences as they write their names and symbols on stones with water, in painty foam, and on their paintings. One child made up a game for their friends, drawing symbolic instructions on the whiteboard for them to follow. Children are enjoying music and movement, and are practicing some Christmas songs. We enjoy dancing with the scarves and moving differently to different music. 

Some of the Bee children worked together with great focus and determination to build an elevated railway track. It was exciting to hear their language and vocabulary as they discussed how to build the support system. 

It is always exciting to learn about the world with the Bee group and watch them put their ideas into practice. 


Beth Parker

Bees Group Teacher