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Healthy Tracks

Galilee has been working on a Healthy Tracks partnership with the City of Port Phillip since 2019.  You may have seen decals on the footpath directing students, families and the wider public to Galilee and letting them know how much further there is to reach the school.


These decals have been put on four routes in a one kilometre radius to the school, that have been identified as recommended routes to reach Galilee after a detailed investigation into where our families travelled from was conducted. A map will be provided in the coming weeks. 


It is hoped that having identified these recommended routes, we encourage walking, riding and scooting to school. 


Keep an eye out for them!

Ms Carnovale :)


St John's First Aid for Schools

Today all students of Galilee participated in incursions based on First Aid for children. 


Junior School students sessions included reading a storybook, to see how Johnny Bear identifies an emergency, puts the Danger, Response and Send for help strategy into action and helps call 000 in an informative session, they also learnt the first aid chant that will help them remember what to do in an emergency. Other Junior classes learnt how to spot DANGER in an emergency, RESPOND accordingly and SEND for help. They were be guided on what number to call and acted out a scenario to get them comfortable calling 000 in real life.


Middle School students demonstrated how to check airways and breathing plus how to place a patient into the recovery position.


Senior School students were involved in a practical CPR component, where they were guided through how to perform CPR and when it is required in a First Aid situation.


Ms Carnovale :)


Parent Committee

Our Parent Committee do a wonderful job fundraising for the school, organising events and fostering our school community.


We are having our first meeting with Year Level Reps and Parent Committee on Wednesday 17th February from 6pm. 


If you are interested in being part of the Parent Committee, please email me -  Carmen Carnovale on and I will pass on your details to our Parent Committee President, Anastasia.


Looking forward to seeing familiar and new faces on Wednesday night.


Carmen Carnovale :)

TheirCare (GOSH)

In the first week back at school, the children were most excited about seeing the construction starting to develop and loved watching the bulldozer knock down what was the Prep building, Learning Street and Grade 1 classrooms.  

At Gosh we welcomed Prep children with open arms. The other children encouraged them to join into play, making new friends, trying new foods, activities and games. The children took part in creating, drawing and designing their family tree. Isabella designed her family tree with her families faces, while most children documented their families' names and some drew pictures. 


Alexander, Sebastian, Marco, Jessica, Zoe, Sarah, Jacob, Lily and many other children took part in the survival worksheet activity where they had to draw or write what they would need or emotions they need to survive the school year.  


Cricket has been the most played sport so far that the children have been competing in. Jacob, Annabelle, Marco, Lian and Charlie got into a long and active game. Annabelle did very well in catching the tennis ball to get the person out who was batting.  


The popular planned activity of the week by far was the Gosh Scavenger Hunt that Gemma had organised by creating a template of visuals and text. The children must search for various items around the OSHC room and outdoors. Once the items were found the Gosh children had fun finding and counting the items on the worksheet and documented it on the template provided.  The children enjoyed the challenge of trying to be the first to count all the items! 

It is always fun teaching children to develop some much needed life skills such as problem-solving, cognitive skills, mathematical skills through fun games!