Welcome back to Term 3!


I hope that all of our families have had a relaxing and enjoyable break and have returned recharged and ready for another wonderful term of learning and growth. 


It was great to see so many families engage with their Leaders of Learning last night to discuss their child's learning at our Parent & Teacher Conferences. Events like last night reinforce the importance of maintaining a strong and positive partnership between home and school, and through these strong relationships our students have the best opportunity to grow and experience success.


Early this week we received two long awaited packages which contained the Year 6 & Year 10 t-shirts and jersey's.  All students were extremely excited to receive their special item of clothing and look absolutely fabulous wearing them.


Unfortunately, COVID-19 continues to be a major presence and consideration in our daily lives and movements.  With the current rise of COVID-19 cases (nationally), we continue to ask our parents to demonstrate social distancing and hygiene protocols while at school. Throughout Term 3, the school will continue its rigorous cleaning routines to ensure our staff and students remain safe.


It is also with disappointment that I confirm the cancellation of the P&F's Spring Fair and the Stage 3 Excursion to Sydney, due to the current re-tightening of the COVID-19 restrictions and direction of the Catholic Schools Office.  We are currently exploring a number of other options regarding end of year excursions and P&F events which will be communicated at a later date.  The ever changing landscape of COVID-19, will in many ways, underpin our further decision making regarding these events.


Again, welcome back to Term 3!


God bless


Jamie McDowall