Parents & Friends Association News

Next  meeting:  

Wednesday 19 August 6pm in the Learning Centre (Library).

At our last meeting, it was announced that this year’s Spring Fair will not be allowed to proceed due to the ever changing COVID-19 situation. While we are sad that we cannot have our annual Spring Fair, the safety of our students, families and the wider community are paramount. Our proposed parents’ event in term four will remain on the calendar for now, however we will continue to monitor changes to restrictions and guidelines during this pandemic and further decisions will be made closer to the date.


In our meeting in June, we asked Mr McDowall to prepare a wish list of items/projects for us to fund or make a contribution to for the benefit of both our primary and secondary students. We are pleased to announce that the P&F have approved funding on the following purchases/projects:

  • $3000 for the purchase of new netball and rugby union uniforms
  • $6000 for the purchase of a new projector for the school hall
  • $2500 for improvements on the school cricket nets
  • $2200 for the purchase of three new table tennis tables
  • $2000 for the purchase of new musical instruments for the music department

In July, we were given a donation of $1500 from the now closed Moree Apex Club. The final funds of the club were donated to benefit children in the Moree area. This generous donation will be put towards an exciting development in the Ag Plot. We are very grateful for this donation and we are sure that this will be of great benefit to our secondary students.


Our next meeting is scheduled for 19 August 2020 at 6pm in the Learning Centre. Keep a look out on our school platforms for any changes.