Principal's Message


(Please also note that the Principal video was filmed on Wednesday July 23 during the day - before the face-mask enforcement).


Welcome to Week 2 of Term 3, 2020.  As many of you will be acutely aware this week was not a very good one in relation to COVID-19 cases. In fact, on July 22, there were 484 new cases of the virus. This is all the more reason for us here at Heritage College to do our part to try and stop the spread of this disease.  

Face-masks or face coverings

You will also be very aware that as of July 22 11:59pm, face-masks will be compulsory for students over 12 years of age and who are attending the College for learning. Masks have arrived at a central place in Melbourne and we will be organising a pick up of those masks. Thus, all students will have access to disposable masks from the College as of Friday 24 July. Until then, it is the responsibility of the student to ensure he or she has the appropriate covering. Thanks for your help with this and assisting to drive down the COVID-19 numbers.  

OCP Extension Building Projects

Exactly what are we building?So, what exactly are we building at Officer? Eventually I will be able to record myself walking through the construction and show you all. Until then please note the following construction items:


New Classrooms

Stage 6B and Stage 6C of the Officer campus Primary school building. This means an additional 8 classroom spaces.  


New Carparks

Carpark completion: Next month we will commence construction of the carpark. The completion of this will see the entire carpark finished and ready for use well before the end of the year.  


New Basketball Courts

The Officer campus will also have a new basketball court to complement the one that already exists. We will cover both the existing and new court with a new floor and fence both courts so that students can play tennis.  

Online Learning


As you all know we are back on track for online learning and all students are required to meet with their teachers regularly in their Google Meets.  


Google meet is an online platform for having a meeting. Teachers have scheduled regular times to meet with the students. 


It is very important at this time of our learning for all students to ensure they are logged into the Google Meet and are able to both see and talk with their teachers. This gives teachers the only opportunity to connect with the students, find out who needs assistance and then provide any help our students need.  

Parent support

Please can you ensure that your child is attending their online Google Meets. This is very important especially considering the end of Year report next term. 

Your Voice

Your voice is important for us as educators to improve our professional practice. In fact, here is an opportunity for some parent professional development. The definition of “voice” according to Russel Quaglia, a professor who focuses on developing voice amongst educators, parents and students, is, “An opinion about something that leads to the good of the whole, and which engenders action on your part”.


Have a think of that definition as you consider completing our Google survey about how we can improve the online experience.  Please fill out the form and help us to be better.


If your child is sick in any way, and they are registered for on-campus learning - please keep your child at home until he or she is 100% better.


God bless one and all and stay safe!


Mr Sonny Aiono