Principal's Report 

From Christian's desk....

Raincheck Digital Technology

I’m putting a callout to families to take stock of their digital technology resources at home.

If you need more resources we can support you!

Please contact if you require assistance with internet connectivity (a Telstra dongle) or a device. 

This invitation extends to families who are finding device sharing inefficient for optimal student learning. 

Cyber Safety – Social Media

At Croydon Hills we have a school Facebook page which is open and used as a medium to share all of the great things we do. We also have a closed CHAPS page which is used as a platform for our Parents’ Association to connect the community and provide more intimate updates on our school business. I am also aware that there are several unofficial learning level pages that are moderated by parent representatives. These pages also serve their purpose as a support platform for families with common needs.

That being said, this week a fake account attempted to infiltrate our closed social media community. 

It is timely, now more than ever, for families and individuals to be hyper vigilant with eSafety, specifically, when connecting with others on social platforms. I encourage families to regularly sit down and audit their behaviours, do you:

  • only ‘friend’ people you know? This extends beyond Facebook and Instagram and extends to gaming platforms like Minecraft and Roblox.
  • regularly check your security and privacy settings?
  • know how to report any trouble?
  • keep your account strong and proud? Discussion point: Your digital footprint

For your information: Croydon Hills Primary School takes incidents of cyber safety and e-security seriously. This matter was reported to DET and Victoria Police. Thank you to our CHAPS moderator, Nikky for your steadfastness and efficiency on this matter. 

DET Term Three Operational Guidelines in response to Stage 4 Restrictions

Last week I shared that schools were waiting on the DET Term Three Operational Guidelines in response to Stage 4 Restrictions. These came through on Thursday evening. Aside from the update pertaining to onsite supervision (criteria listed below) there were no other updates to share with the community.

Onsite Attendance for Remote Learning 17-21 August  

Please use the link below to notify us of your child/ren’s onsite attendance next week, 17-21 August 2020: 

A reminder, 

The Victorian Government has stated that all students who can learn from home must learn from home.

On-site supervision will be available for students in the following categories, based on revised criteria:

  • children whose parents are permitted workers and for whom no other arrangements can be made
  • to vulnerable children including:
    • children in out-of-home care
    • children deemed by Child Protection and/or Family Services to be at risk of harm
    • children identified by the school (Carol Wyatt, Assistant Principal – Wellbeing) as vulnerable (including via referral from a family violence agency, homelessness or youth justice service or mental health or other health service). 
    • children with a disability where the family is experiencing severe stress.

By submitting this form, you declare that your child is well and you will collect your child as soon as is practicable upon the request of the school if your child becomes unwell.

Please consider your child's onsite attendance accepted after you have completed the form. For any:

Christian Holdsworth  -  Principal