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New Project Alert!

Welcome to the Corpus Christi Design Headquarters, where some of our amazing Year 1/2 students have begun designing their own video games! 


Is this something you want to be able to do? Then follow along each week and you will have your own game in no time. 


Stage 1 - Create your character

(By next week, you will need two characters that have been coloured in)

Get your art skills out and create two characters. One of these is going to be your hero and the other will be the 'bad guy' or enemy of the game! 

Don't worry if these are not perfect, as you can see the first drafts are all about getting the ideas on paper! 

Next week, we'll show you how to turn your paper character into an online character. 


Good Luck!



Online Safety

Is the game safe? Is the show appropriate? Is the app okay for my child?

These are common questions that are asked by families all over the country. For this reason, the Australian Government continues to build an online database that is parent friendly and informative. Below is a short statement and a link that can be used if you want to find out more information. 



Good-quality media can support your child’s learning, especially if it ties in with their interests or sparks their imagination. 

The following sites can help you make informed decisions about your family’s entertainment choices. 


Check age ratings and consumer advice for apps and games on devices your children use via the App Store or Google Play, and for movies and games, the Australian Classification Board’s online database.



Stay safe online!

e-Learning Coordinator

Zachary Lane