Education in Faith

First Communion​

Last Sunday, twenty one students from Corpus Christi received the Sacrament of the Eucharist. It was a truly beautiful celebration as these young children received Jesus for the very first time in this sacrament. We pray that the children continue to be nourished in their faith  journey through frequent participation in the Eucharist.


It was wonderful to see our families supporting each other and coming together to celebrate the occasion and to bear witness of our shared faith.


Thank you to everyone who assisted in the preparation of our children: Mrs Chloe Sirca, Mr Zachary Lane and Miss Lauren Borg for the beautiful preparation of the children; to Miss Melanie Larkin for leading the congregation in song; to Fr John O’Connor for celebrating the Mass and to all families who presented their children for the Sacrament.




Miss Jane Wilkinson

(Religious Education Leader)