Gifted & Talented

The Have Sum Fun Competition is an exciting Mathematics initiative that uses a quiz-night format. Teams of six students race against the clock to solve four intense rounds of eight challenging Mathematics problems.



Mazenod College entered three teams into this competition over two evenings; Friday 15 March and Friday 22 March. All our teams should be proud of their achievements, particularly our senior team (Max Batty, Joshua Pendal, James Stanwix and Samuel Allen) who, despite being two men down, came 13th in a field of 38 competitive teams. The Year 9/10 Team (Darcy Greenwood, Matthew Hooper, Thomas Jeffreys, Adrian Cichocki, Jordan Ciaponi, Mason Houlahan)

also placed 13th against 43 other teams. 


In April Mazenod competed in its second Da Vinci Decathlon held at Winthrop Hall in UWA over 2 days. Teams must show their skills across a broad range of challenging subjects from Code Breaking, Mathematics Engineering and Science to Art, Poetry, Drama and the Humanities. The boys excelled in many areas and a big congratulation goes to the Year 7 Team (Jevan Buckland, Alessio Lazzara, Sebastian Atkinson, Cameron Bidstrup, Sam Doncon, Joseph Casey, Matthew Dupont, Asher Verteramo) who achieved 1st place in the Code Breaking section and the Year 9 Team (Darcy Greenwood, Matthew Hooper, Aiden Coster, Dylan Di Toro, Jesse Jenkins, Jake Linaker, Jacky Van Wardenburg) who came 3rd in Science.


A special mention must go to the dedicated staff members who came to the competition; Mrs Godfrey, Mr Keddie and Mr Derby.  We thank you for making both events possible.


Susanne Biffin

Gifted & Talented Coordinator