From our Principal

Dear Parents, Students and Friends,

It’s hard to believe that the Christmas decorations are emerging, the shops are filling with Christmas shoppers and the carols are again being heard. I have to say that a large part of me is resisting the whole notion of Christmas as there is still so much to be done between now and the end of the school year. The message to students at this stage of the year is that with the commencement of Headstart it is business as usual and learning and teaching continues to be core business.


There is, however, some inevitability to the end being in sight as we celebrate, in a number of ways, the culmination of the year that has been.

Presentation Night

Is one such event and an important night to celebrate leadership, high achievement and engagement in learning. Significant work goes into the nomination and selection process. It is evidence-based and involves many discussions and much consultation. The night is not just a celebration of individual achievement but is also a showcase of the opportunities made available for students at St. Peter’s College. I look forward to catching up with many students and parents at Bunjil Place next Tuesday, 3 December 2019.

Solomon Islands

At the time of reading this our Solomon Islands Immersion experience will have concluded for another year. Tracking their journey on their Facebook page, the overall impression I am left with is that of smiling faces. Smiles on the faces of staff, St. Peter’s College students and smiles on the many faces of the Bishop Epalle College. There is a real sense of connection between our two schools. Whilst over there the students have experienced living with a Solomon Islands family and experienced the joy of a life lived with simplicity. They will have worked in the classrooms, attended beautiful mass services and visited traditional and historically significant sites. They will come back as different people with a greater appreciation of their own existence and perhaps a drive and desire to continue to make a difference in the lives of others they will meet beyond the gates of St. Peter’s College. This year the group have presented a cheque to the Bishop Epalle College for $13,000. Whilst only a few can experience the joy of the immersion experience, the school community have engaged with fund-raising throughout the past year. So to that end I give thanks to all those who have contributed to supporting our sister school in the Solomon Islands and special thanks to our Solomon Islands Immersion participants for 2019.

Shared Stories

The theme for our sixth year of involvement in this publication, Shared Stories, was 'Gratitude'. This year, over seventy of our students across both Clyde North and Cranbourne Campuses had their written or art work published. With some students receiving the exceptional honour of having both written and art works included. My congratulations to all for their contributions to an exceptional piece of Art and Literature.


Charles Nierves, a Year 10 Clyde North Campus student, was selected to receive the St. Peter’s College Student Encouragement Award, for his Artwork entitled, ‘Home’.  The Award was presented to him at the launch of the publication at the Xavier College Kosta Hall this week, along with other awarded students from many Catholic colleges and schools around Victoria. Congratulations Charles. The artwork is displayed below.

Year 12 Retreat

This week our Year 12s of 2020 have experienced their retreat. Designed to be held at the beginning of Headstart, it provides an ideal opportunity for students to reflect on the role faith has had in guiding their lives to date and how it can continue to guide them into the future. The busyness of the world we live in and the dependence on technology, particularly with our young, prevents any opportunity for quietness and stillness. The retreat provides one such opportunity. Students will also have the opportunity to reflect on their goals in 2020 as well as explore the legacy they wish to leave behind them at the end of 2020 through the medium of our annual school theme.

Enjoy the week ahead.







Mr Chris Black