Year 12 Activities

St Nicholas Primary School - Year 6 Leadership Day

Year 12 captains had the privilege of being part of the St Nicholas’ Year 6 Leadership Day. Answering many questions about their roles at MCC and what it means to be a leader of a school and of course “ How tall ARE you Joe?” 


Bulling NO WAY Day

Standing shoulder to shoulder our students came together to say “NO WAY” to bullying here at MCC. Signing posters in a sign of support, the college showed that being a bystander is not an option. Well done Year 12 SLC for your hard work and dedication to the cause. 


Grip Leadership

Grip Leadership is a unique experience for our Year 12 SLC. Students learn the skills required to be effective leaders by attending a variety of interactive workshops. Mixing with other school leaders from our region allowed for a fun, collaborative experience. Year 12 SLC have returned to the college bursting with enthusiasm and now ideas to match. 


Mrs Melissa Lees  - Year 12 Leader of Student Care