Environmental Council 

On Friday, 5 March 2021, McCarthy Catholic College Environmental Council took part in Clean Up Australia Day. The students made a marvelous effort, not only cleaning up the school but also parts of Moore Creek as well as the storm water drain and park next to Coles.


The students recovered a significant amount of rubbish from the creek, including a large metal sign which was blocking the water way.


On Sunday, Georgina Yip and Mrs Aimee Cook, took out time from their Sunday schedule to help support the Rotary Club of Tamworth First Light as they cleaned up part of the Peel River, near Hungry Jacks. This is an example of the Environmental Council working towards developing a strong community partnership. Clean Up Australia Day shows the success of these partnerships as together we make a positive difference to our community and the environment.


I wish to thank all those students and staff who made Clean Up Australia Day a success, as well as recognise the support we received from Tamworth City Council, Clean Up Australia Day organisers and the Rotary Club of First Light.


Well done to all.


Mr Shaun Nichols  - Environmental Council