What a great show!

Aladdin Trouble

After a great number of rehearsals spanning Semester 1, Year 5 students finally put their hard efforts on display and performed 'Aladdin Trouble!' on Thursday 15 June.


Students brought the well-known fable of Aladdin to life in the form of a panto-style musical. There were plenty of catchy songs, as well as comedy and a captivating storyline to keep the audience entertained throughout.


It was great to see all students enjoying their time to shine on stage in front of family and friends; being able to wear amazing costumes and stage makeup was a new experience for some, which further added to the fun.


Mrs Gibbs would like to thank all those who assisted in the success of 'Aladdin Trouble!', including teachers, staff, and students in the backstage and tech crews.  


Our students lit up the stage with their fantastic performances, each bringing their own twist to the character. Anastasia McLindon and Ella Bowler brought Jasmine and Aladdin to the stage wowing crowds with their singing and on stage presence. 


The show was filled with jokes and audience interaction making it a real crowd pleaser.  By the performance end the audience of over 200 were on their feet!


Well done to Year 5 students on a fantastic performance!


A huge thank you to Lisa Smith who created the amazing costumes and props for the 52 students and to Fiona Gibbs for her dedication in directing and choreographing the show.