From our Principal

Moama Anglican Grammar is thinking globally and acting locally with the launch of the Honours Program

Today’s students are preparing themselves for active participation both within their community and on the global stage and Moama Anglican Grammar would like to play a bigger role in this process. Later in July, Moama Anglican Grammar will launch their Honours Program, an innovative and collaborative scholarship approach increasing the opportunities for new students to gain a quality education at the school while developing strong partnerships with community organisations and businesses.


Moama Anglican Grammar has always encouraged students to fulfill their potential with honour and excellence, the school’s creddo. The Honours Program opens that door to more students with the opportunities for scholarships to new students extending beyond the traditional academic, music and sporting arenas to performance, hospitality, primary industries, entrepreneurship and more.


In line with the move in education towards preparing our students to be innovative, problem-solvers, global contributors and collaborative learners these scholarships come with the added benefit of support from local businesses and organisations thereby connecting the experiences in the world beyond school to the daily experiences of the students. The Honours Program connects school and community, as in the Nigerian proverb, ‘It takes a whole village to raise a child’. The connections each Honours Program student will make with the partnering organisations and businesses will provide an enduring association throughout their schooling and the opportunity for collaborative projects between the school, the business and the student.


There are two main types of Honours available at Moama Anglican Grammar and these are Bursary and Tuition Remission. These Honours are applied to the school’s tuition fees, not the associated cost of schooling.

  • A Tuition Remission Honour is a subsidy on tuition fees for the life of a student’s education at the school and levels of remission vary from 10% to 70%.
  • A Bursary Honour assists families of children who many not be able to access or afford a Moama Anglican Grammar education. This may include low income, rural, indigenous or international/refugee families. Bursaries are means tested and may be for the life of a student’s education in the school or applied annually. They tend to be 100% remission of tuition fees.

The Honours Program is open to prospective students in Years 5-11 in a range of categories that reflect the range of talents and abilities of young people today. The program focuses on extending talents and the pursuit of aspirations. The aim is for students to develop a strong sense of honour and excellence, caring for themselves, their community and the world in which we all live.   


The application process begins with the Information Evening, Tuesday 18 July 7:30pm where Principal Teresa Deshon will provide the details of the Honours Program and answer any questions. Applications close Monday 31 July.