I hope everyone had an enjoyable break and it's great see you back for Term Three.


Term Three will be another busy and exciting term with: sporting events, Trivia Night, Lion King Jr. rehearsals and performance, Book Fair, 100 Days of School, parish masses, Grandparents Day and Father's Day Mass and Breakfast and Science Week...


I would like to send a warm welcome to our new Voice teacher, Cailah Skinner who will begin next week. Cailah came to Galilee yesterday to meet students. She will begin classes next week.

If your child would like to commence any extra music lessons in Term 4, please contact Miss Carnovale.


As per the last bulletin, for the first four weeks of Term Three, Ms Giles will be on Long Service Leave and be replaced by Miss Romios in 4G from Tuesday - Friday.

Rosa will be away on Sick Leave for the first six weeks of Term Three to have a hip-replacement. She has had a successful surgery and is recovering at home.

Book Club

Issue 5 of Book Club is out now. Orders are due in by 3rd August via the Loop App.

No cash orders will be accepted at school.


A reminder students must have a library bag to be able to borrow from the school library.

Aftercare School Closure Day Service

If there are enough bookings, Camp Australia will open for the school closure day on Monday 6th August. Bookings must be made online by Monday 30th July. They will not operate if their minimum number of bookings is not met. Please see Kateryna (new supervisor) if you have any questions.

Last year, we had The NED Show presenting to us three important messages that have lifelong relevance:

Never give up

Encourage others

Do your best

It was so successful that they are coming back on Monday, 30th July to our School Hall.

This year we are having NED’s KINDNESS Adventure.


The Kindness Adventure assembly utilises storytelling, music, magic, audience participation and interactive videos to tell the story of a cartoon character named NED.

The adventure begins when NED and the performer accept an invitation to visit the country of Kenya. Although NED is initially uncertain about the cultural differences, he quickly learns he has something powerful in common with the kids in Kenya...a smile and a kind heart. Throughout the show, the performer highlights the satisfaction that takes place when children show kindness and acceptance towards those who are perceived as 'different' from them.

The Kindness Adventure presentation can support our initiatives for developing a positive and caring school climate.

Its proactive approach aims to prevent many forms of mistreatment, including bullying, by showcasing the sense of satisfaction that takes place when a child chooses to show kindness, respect and acceptance.


Our school gets the show for free because we are hosting a All for KIDZ’s Pay-It-Forward® payment method, which allows the program to visit schools that do not have a budget for assemblies.

We will be selling handcrafted items priced at $8, $15 or $20.

There is definitely no compulsion to buy these items, but if you would like your child to have one, they will be sold before and after school each day from Tuesday, 31st July until Friday, 3rd August.

Could you please send the correct money with your child/children?

For more information about the Kindness Adventure visit


If you require additional information please contact:

Julianne Price

Student Wellbeing /Student Services Leader

Ph. 96992928


Grandparents/Special Friends Day

‘Grandparents/Special Friend Day’ will occur on Monday, 20th August 2018 during ‘Book Week’.

We are inviting Grandparents/Special Friends to join us at 9.30am mass at Sts. Peter & Paul Church to celebrate our Grandparents.

After mass, Grandparents/Special Friends will be invited into their grandchildren’s classrooms until 11.00am.

Morning Tea will follow in the Hall, where there will be a book display to celebrate Book Week.

Grandparents will have the opportunity to donate a book to our library on behalf of their grandchildren, or to buy a book for them to have at home.

Basketball Uniform

We have ordered new basketball singlets and shorts to be used by our students when competing in Hooptime. The uniforms are reversible in colours and multi-purpose and also used for cross-country and soccer. Thanks to Michelle and Deb from the SEB, for all of their hard work. Other sport uniforms will be ordered at a later date. 

Events and Social Committee

Trivia Night Gala - Saturday 28 July 2018

We are just a week away from our annual Trivia Night.  Tickets sold out this year in record time but there are still ways we can all support our biggest fundraiser of the year.



•    Purchase a Raffle Ticket to win a Wine Cellar & Wine Bundles!  Tickets are $5 and can be purchased after school each day at the front gates.  Eftpos available.

•    Last call out for each family to donate a bottle of WINE, CHAMPAGNE OR SPIRIT.

•    Bring in last donations to the office from local businesses.


The Silent Auction

This year we are excited to be using an online auction for our silent auction items!  This gives ALL Galilee families an opportunity to see and bid on items that have been generously donated even if they aren’t able to come on the evening.


How it works:

Every family will be emailed and sent a Class Dojo with the link to the online auction on Monday 23 July.  Simply click on the link and create an account to start bidding on items you like!  You can manually bid on the items or set a maximum bid that the system will bid up to before you are outbid or are the wining bidder!


The auction opens 9am Monday morning and closes 9:45pm on Saturday 28th July during the Trivia Night Gala.


Remember to keep checking back during the week as new auction items will continue to be added!



 Once the auction finishes, the winning bidder is emailed an invoice. There are then 2 options:

1.     You can pay with your credit card on your phone and will receive a receipt.

2.     You can process your payment on the night through the efptos machines available (this actually saves us some money doing it this way!)


Once you have a receipt you will be able to show that to our volunteer parents and collect your item on the night!  Any vouchers


But what if I am not at the Trivia Night Gala you ask?

If you are the winning bidder you will receive notification that you won and can make payment on your phone using the online auction site (credit card).

Collection of your items (and eftpos payment) can be made at school in the office the following week on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings from 8:45-9am and afternoons from 3:25-3:40pm.  If you can not make these times you will need to contact the Events Committee at or phone Emma on 0424188758 to make alternative arrangements.


Sponsors for the Trivia Night

This year we have amazing local businesses that are sponsoring our Trivia Night:

Trivia 2018 Gold Sponsors

Thalia Skin

For Seekers of Purity. Potency. Pleasure & Performance. Rooted in Results.

Thalia delivers skin infusions powered by nature’s most coveted game changers and nutrient-packed botanicals.


Aussie Home Loans, South Melbourne

Proudly South Melbourne for South Melbourne.  Time for a free mortgage health check.  Very flexible with meeting times – during or after hours and weekends.  Any time.

Michael Collins

Aussie Franchisee

205 Clarendon Street, South Melbourne

T 03 9690 5503

M 0438 699 712


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