From the Principal

The water carrier

Some years ago, a famous footballer described an opposition player of the world game as a ‘water carrier’. He suggested that his opponent was only good enough ‘to carry the water’ implying that he was unworthy of being considered a contemporary or equal. When asked to respond, the opposition player was quite happy with being described in such a manner. He believed it conjured up an image of service in time of need; service to the team and to others.


At times, it is easy to either desire or strive to be that central person, the star, the life of the party, the one who is admired, the buzzer-beating legend.  As we know, great teams and great cultures are not underpinned by the likes of these, but rather by those who step forward when needed, who take genuine delight in the accomplishment of others and of fostering the capacity of others.


At enrolment interviews I often suggest to prospective students that ‘John XXIII College is a good school if you make it a good school’. Our learning and teaching are integral to a successful education and our Catholicity underpins all our programs. It is important that we try and assist our students to find their niche ‘or group’ at school.


Last Friday our Autumn Music Soiree was warmly received by our community. That morning our Year 5B class competently led the Primary School Assembly and our Year 8s attended a Retreat. On the previous evening, our Year 9 Drama students entertained family and friends. This week our cross-country runners competed against 70 other schools in the Associated and Catholic Colleges (ACC) Carnival. Our Year 6 students  visited Canberra and our Years 11 and 12 students  completed mid-year examinations. The Year 11 pilgrimage students have been undertaking extensive training and on Tuesday our pilgrimage staff were inducted into this year’s program. It is a busy place.


At times our students will be the genuine stars in these programs. We will celebrate their achievements. On other occasions they will be the ‘water-carriers’. We will give them similar acknowledgement.


Robert Henderson


Do you know the location of our defibrillators?

Please be aware that the College has four defibrillators that are placed in the following locations across our campus:

  • Health Centre
  • Outside wall of Student Reception (Secondary) facing chapel lawn
  • Inside St Louis Sport Centre
  • Outside wall St Louis Sport Centre facing north oval