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International Day of Women and Girls in Science - Friday 11th February, 2022


The 11th of February is International Day of Women and Girls in Science.  This is an important day to recognise the achievements of women in science and encourage girls to pursue an interest in STEAM subjects. 


At Greenhills, we value the important work of women and girls in science, both now and throughout history. We have recently purchased a range of books that showcase the outstanding achievement of women in science which we hope will support our students to think anything is possible. 


We have placed screens in the STEAM room that point outwards towards the tiger turf that we hope promote conversation sand curiosity!  You might like to check these out while waiting at pick up time.


Here are a few budding Scientists!

Angela would like to be a medical scientist and find a cure for the deadly face cancer in Tasmanian Devil!
Angela would like to be a medical scientist and find a cure for the deadly face cancer in Tasmanian Devil!
Ella likes learning about how the world works. She would like to work in medicine!
Ella likes learning about how the world works. She would like to work in medicine!
Steph likes working on results. She would like to be a chemist!
Steph likes working on results. She would like to be a chemist!
Sophie like to work things out and discover what combines and what doesn't. she would like to study plants!
Sophie like to work things out and discover what combines and what doesn't. she would like to study plants!
Everleigh loves experiments and would like to be a herpetologist when she grows up!
Everleigh loves experiments and would like to be a herpetologist when she grows up!
Maddy likes to find out new things. She would like to be a dentist!
Maddy likes to find out new things. She would like to be a dentist!

















Monash Uni has created 9 short clips that show women talking about their area of expertise.  The clips are easy to watch and range from 2:00mins to 6 mins.  I encourage you to watch these clips with your children. 




Janine Hough 

Girls in Science! 




The Summer Interschool Sport Program will commence from Friday 25th February (TBC). Permission and payment is due by Monday 14th February. 



Roo Run - Anglesea

Congratulations to Jack H (6BS), who over the holidays came 1st (Under 12s) in Anglesea’s 8km Roo Run, in a time of 35m 38s. As well as coming 1st in his age group, Jack was 8th out of the Under 17s and 57th out of 326 Open Age Competitors. 

Well done, Jack! We can’t wait to see what you can achieve during the School Cross Country Season!

Eltham Dandenong Tournament - Boys Under 12 Domestic

Congratulations to Spencer L (3AK), Jackson T (5JR), Cooper B (5JR), Charlie L (5BC), Heath K (5JR), Ari B (4TW) and Clint (Jackson’s Dad and Coach), who won the Grand Final of the Eltham Dandenong Tournament - Boys Under 12 Domestic.

Awesome effort, boys! We look forward to seeing you make plenty more baskets in the Green & Gold in the future!

If your child achieves something special (grand final win, most valuable player award, best and fairest etc.), please email me ( through photos and an overview of the achievement to post in Contact. It is important to celebrate and recognise such successes with the school community.


Greenhills Primary School is involved in the Rebel Community Kickbacks Program


What can you do to help Greenhills primary School benefit from this program?

Staff, family and friends can link the school to their Rebel Active Loyalty Program account and instantly start earning credits.



Thank you, 

Jordan Daley





I hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday and that you have had a smooth start to the year. This note is just to let you know what is happening with the Greenhills Choirs this year. Please note that once the choirs are finalised and set up on Compass all correspondence will be sent out via Compass. Reminders will be put in the Newsletter.


I am very excited about the possibility of the Choirs finally being able to perform this year. There are several performance opportunities in the pipeline and Grade 6 members will be able to participate in the State Schools Spectacular, which is a fabulous experience for the students.


Recital Choir: Rehearsals for the Recital Choir will start next Tuesday morning (15/2/22) at 8.00a.m. Returning students need to bring their Choir folders please. New students will be given a folder. If your child has been offered a place in the Choir, please confirm whether they are participating or not, so that I can finalise the numbers. 


Training Choir: A Compass notification regarding the Training Choir will be sent out to all Grade 3 & 4 students. If your child would like to be a member of the Training Choir, please Consent as required. Rehearsals will be on Wednesday mornings commencing at 8.00a.m. and will begin on Wednesday 23rd February.


2022 State Schools Spectacular:  Participation in this event is only for Grade 6 Recital Choir members. Due to the very short time frame for our school's registration, the Students Participation and Media/Recording Consent Form that was sent home with your child today MUST be returned by Tuesday 15th February. 


Choir Uniforms: If there are any parents who would like to assist with the Recital Choir uniforms, please email me. This would involve a Saturday afternoon 2 - 3 hour Working Bee or a bigger commitment of assisting in the measurement of the students.

My email address if


I look forward to a wonderful year of choral singing.


Best Wishes

Kate Stewart


Connected Schools - Managing school stress during the pandemic by Michael Grose


The pandemic continues to bring challenges to families. The Scouting motto ‘Be prepared’ with the addition of ‘for anything’ comes to mind as we approach another school year of uncertainty.

Here’s what you can do to take the stress out school this year.


Ask about their concerns

Avoid generalised assumptions about COVID. Your child may not be bothered by the virus, but they may be worried about wearing a mask to school or making friends if they’ve spent time due to COVID. Drill down to their specific worries about going to school and allay their fears by helping them come up with simple solutions to address their concerns.


Allay your own fears

It’s natural to be concerned about your child’s health so get the facts about social distancing, sanitising and other COVID-safe measures teachers are taking at school. Having accurate information will allay your own fears and minimise the chances of your child being unduly anxious about going to school.


Put your own germ-avoidance measures in place

Initiate habits to reduce the risk of your child bringing COVID home to your family. Changing out of clothes, showering as soon as they get home, washing hands regularly and social distancing from older relatives are the types of measures that help reduce the spread of coronavirus. Keep up to date with the latest health advice and involve everyone in creating a COVID-safe family plan.


For parents

Take a break yourself

Kids take their emotional cues from their parents so model self-care for your child. If you a tightly wound ball yourself, they’ll more likely become anxious and worried themselves. Regardless of the situation, take a break each day. Go for a walk, read a book, do something that helps you to unwind, or engage in activity that you enjoyed as a child.


Parent Partnerships Leader - Roslyn Mackie




Term 1 Week 2 - Presented at assembly Friday 25th February 2022 






Savannah S1GCWell done Savannah on making an excellent start in grade 1. You have settled in well and are demonstrating the school values everyday. 
Xavier1JCWell done Xavier to a fantastic start in Grade 1. You have settled into the classroom and school so beautifully. You are a superstar!
Parker L1KOFor settling into Grade 1 with Grit and a willingness to give everything a go. Parker, we especially love how you share your thinking and ideas. Keep it up superstar!
Asher P2LOFor always being positive, happy and motivated towards everything you do. Asher, you have settled in beautifully to 2LO, we are very lucky to have an amazing role model like you!
Opal B2SHThank you for being such a positive, helpful and thoughtful member of 2SH and showing such respect and kindness towards your classmates. What a wonderful start you have made to Grade 2, well done, Opal!
Willow T3AKFor being such a superstar member of 3AK. You have demonstrated the GREAT values every single day and I have been amazed by how great a role-model you have been. Amazing start Willow!
Ari E3RMAri is a GREAT Greenhills kid and we are so pleased he came to our school and 3RM. He tries his very best and has made many friends in a short time. Ari, you are always happy and smiley and a delight to be around.
Lucy B4DSFor your brilliant start to the year. Lucy, you have embodied our teamwork value by working with different peers and showing leadership in group tasks. Keep it up.
Chloe B4TWWell done on a fabulous start at Greenhills, you have fitted into 4TW so well. It's great to see you making new friends and you already display many of our GREAT values. Keep up this awesome effort!
Charlie L5BCCharlie has made an excellent start to the school year. He approaches each day with a smile and is a brilliant role model to others. Thanks for always offering to help and support your peers!
Tayla P5JRTayla has made a positive start to the year showing all the G.R.E.A.T values in her classroom learning in particular her her Effort and Respect in classsroom discussion and activities. Thanks for the fantastic input, keep it up. 
Kieran H5REKieran, you have made a great start to your Grade 5 year. I am impressed with your positive, have-a-go attitude. I loved your contributions to the Action Teams discussion. Keep up the fantastic work Kieran.
Katerina P6BSFor being a thoughtful, positive and passionate member of 6BS! Kat, you are an incredible leader and role model and I love how you're already thinking of ways to have an impact!
Hein O6SMFor such a positive start to his final year of Primary School! Hein, you have shown the school values every day from day one and I am so proud of you! Keep lifting up those around you and being your lovely self. 
Jemima G (5RE)ARTFor your sense of ADVENTURE when experimenting with different ways of using the available art materials this week when working on your Visual Art folio cover. Well done Jemima.
Elijah M 6SMMUSICFor an excellent start to the year. Your Music Book front cover was of a very high standard and clearly illustrated your understanding of the elements of music. Keep up the great work Elijah.


Welcome to the 2022 School year from the office team.  It has been a very busy start, please be patient as we juggle Covid credits, start of the year queries, process parent contributions and staff illnesses. 


If you have a finance query, please email us at: and we will endeavour to get back to you within a week. If you have already been in touch, we aim to reply by the end of next week.


This has been our first year using Compass for Parent contributions.  If you are experiencing difficulties, please give us a call or drop into the office and we will do our best to assist you.


2022 Year 3 – 6 Swimming Carnival, credits will be finalised by the end of the week (11.02.22)

2022 Year 6 Anglesea camp, please check your status in Compass and action if required.

2022 Year 5 – 6 Interschool Sport, please check your status in Compass and action if required.


iPads – Apologies if your child has not yet received their configured iPad, due to staff illness this has taken longer than expected. 

If your child requires medication, please label the medication with your child’s name and class and complete the correct form which can be found at the office or on our website:  The medication should be left with Karen or at the office.

Please remember to label your child’s drink bottle, hat and uniform as we regularly have a large amount, of unlabelled items which sadly cannot be returned to students.


Victoria, Nicole, Kiera and Karen

The School Finance and Administration team




Remember all children must wear hats for Term 4 and Term 1. Hats are available at the School Office. Broadbrimmed hats $18 and House Colour Hats $22