Mathematics talent too!

Australian Maths Competition  Best in School Award  to  Toby Wentworth 7A 










Mathematical Association of Victoria has awarded:


High Distinction

Lola Widmer                                         How many jelly beans? 



Mila Lettau                                            How many gumballs?

Toby Wentworth                                  The permutation expose 



Jun Von Chrismar-Stocks                   Knot theory used in unravelling DNA?


Morrie Looby & Luca Marinucci      Bitcoin Video 



2021 Australian Maths Trust Challenge
2021 Australian Maths Trust Challenge

Australian Maths Trust Challenge is a problem-solving activity organised by the Australian Maths Trust (AMT), which is aimed at stimulating the mathematically interested students in their year level. The Maths Challenge took place over three consecutive weeks during term 2. Students received a problem book containing six problems and were required to present written solutions to as many of these problems as they can. The problems were challenging and required time and persistence, but were based on maths that was at their level. The Maths Challenge is designed to be an enjoyable and valuable learning experience for children. Well done to everyone who participated.

Stav Stefano

Maths Learning Area Leader


High Distinction awarded to:

Angus McLennan 8E

Grace Balic 7E

Alex Calia 8B

Liam Corbett 8B


Distinction awarded to:

Rosie O’Keefe 8B

Morgan Wylie 8B

Toby Wentworth 7A


Credit awarded to:

Harriet Gooi 7C

Jun Von Chrismar-Stocks 7A 

Isadora Briskin 8E

Gretel Buntine 8F

Sophia Hill 8B